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Can you Keep Watch while Resting?

Mon 15 Apr 2019, 21:46

Exactly that:

Can you keep watch while resting?

Group of 3 PCs, travelling in the morning and day.
In the evening  Character A makes camp,  Character B can rest (or try to roll survival and sleep),  Character C keeps watch
In the night Character A and C sleep, character B keeps watch, forcing character B to be sleepy or sleep in the next morning (or having slept on a tree in the evening)

A makes camp, B rests and keeps watch at the same time. C can do something else
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Re: Can you Keep Watch while Resting?

Tue 16 Apr 2019, 05:43

The rules aren't clear about that. I let my players' characters Keep Watch while Resting.
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Re: Can you Keep Watch while Resting?

Tue 16 Apr 2019, 08:54

Each to his own - my rulings have been to the contrary. But to allow some expert fieldcrafting and superscouts etc I created a talent for keeping watch that at lvl 2 will grant you rest while doing it.

PS (boring real life shit) And I can tell you from a first hand experience that if you are keeping watch - you are not resting. It is indeed tiresome and mentally draining to keep alert and watchful.
While you might recover some stamina if you for instance were just advancing to a position or some other manuevers just before drawing a assignment for keeping watch will allow you to recover somewhat but it is not restful - you need to be alert.
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Re: Can you Keep Watch while Resting?

Wed 24 Apr 2019, 16:33

The book calls out the things you can do simultaneously, like hike and pathfind, etc. 

I wouldn't let someone rest while keeping watch. Rest isn't sleep, but it is just taking it easy to not only let your tired body heal but also your mind. Keeping watch for dangers in the dark for 6 hours is not how you get your wits about you.
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Re: Can you Keep Watch while Resting?

Wed 24 Apr 2019, 16:54

For now in my group I use the "D&D" style of keep watch - everyone takes turn of 1-2h depending on the party size. It is too much micro-management otherwise in my opinion.