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Several questions regarding Damage/Broken and Chill of the Grave

Mon 15 Apr 2019, 21:37

1. If you get more damage than you can have, are you just broken (ie Str3, gets 5 damage) or instantly dead? What if you are broken and ongoing damage does another point of damage?

2. The Spell Chill of the Grave is cast with Power Lvl3,  Victim is COLD and gets 1dmg per round, later in the  first round victim gets stabbed and is broken. What happens in the next round, when the spell ticks again (doing another point of damage to Str and Wits) and following question:

3. Suffering under Chill of the Grave Spell, does the victim has to roll endurance, suffering additional 1 point of damage each if she fails the roll? And if she does not have to roll, does she die automatically when already broken?
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Re: Several questions regarding Damage/Broken and Chill of the Grave

Fri 19 Apr 2019, 12:59

1. You are just Broken, but remember that you also have to roll for a Critical Injury, which can equate to instant-death.

2. There are two ways you could play this, since the character is already Broken through combat. One is to just ignore the effects of the spell until they are revived (at which point the effects start again). The other would be to apply a non-typical Critical Injury at the start of the next round. You wouldn't do this in the following rounds, though, just the first time.

3. You don't die automatically, you suffer Critical Injuries. The only way to die is by succumbing to a "Lethal" Critical Injury. And all spells in FBL automatically succeed, there is no roll to resist them. In other words, there is no Endurance roll to resist that spell. It's not natural cold, it's magical.