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A battle with a dragon and other stories

Sun 07 Apr 2019, 23:31

In the swedish forum we had a discussion about whether it was possible to slay a dragon in Forbidden Lands. I had to find out, so I performed a lesser dragon battle at my kitchen table to find out. 

Huruvin's battle with the dragon

The hero Huruvin has heard that a dragon is marauding Lilleby's kindhearted inhabitants. He is somewhat looking like the hero depicted at page 88 in the Gamemasters Guide. 

Decisively he pulls up to the dragon's cave and enters ...

Huruvin has performed many heroic deeds, and carries a longsword with 4 Gear Dice, made by the dwarves' master craftsmen of Belderand. He also has a 8 GT chainmail. He is full of power and has 10 WP. He has also gained a lot of experience (96 XP to be exact) and has the following values:

STR 5, DEX 4, INT 3, CHA 3
Skills: Melee 3, Move 3, Manipulate 2
Talents: Adaptive, Path of the Blade 3, Sword Fighter 3, Fearless 3, Fast Footwork 2, Melee Charge 3, Lightning Fast 1, Quick draw 3
Pride: The greatest hero ever!

The cave seems to be empty except for a big pile of gold. Suddenly in front of him at close distance, he sees a Little Dragon rise from its slumber! It sees him! Time to draw initiative cards, and Huruvin is first!

Huruvin draws his longsword lightning fast and charges the few steps against the dragon! He swings the weapon overhead and slashes for 2 successes = 4 Injury. He puts 1 WP to find a weakness in the dragons armor and takes down the dragon to 28 in STR. He then spends another WP to perform an extra attack, but misses. 

The dragon spews out fire against Huruvin! Our hero evades with his extra dodge-action and throws himself on the ground, and is forced to press his roll for 1 DEX-injury to avoid the fire. 

After round 1: Huruvin has 9 WP, DEX 3. The dragon has STR 28. (This dragon does not parry, and has only one attack per round.)

Huruvin gets up and slashes for 3 successes = 4 injury. He puts 1 WP to go through the dragon's armor and the dragon is down at STR 24. Then he spends one more WP and manages to slash for 5 succeses and 6 in injury. The dragon rolls badly on his armor, so is down to STR 18. 

The dragon rises and covers the room with an firestorm, but Huruvin throws himself down and manages to evade the inferno! 

After round 2: Huruvin has 7 WP

Huruvin gets up on his feet and makes his two attacks, with 1 WP to find the armor soft spot at the first attack, and gets down the dragon to STR 11. 

The dragon swings with his claws, but Huruvin throws himself away again!

After round 3: Huruvin has 5 WP

Huruvin is again on his feet and slashes away with his combo! Good rolls, and the dragon is down to STR 3!

The dragon spits fire right on Huruvin, who throws himself around but still is ignited by the fire! 2 STR-injury (armor does not protect against fire?), And 1 DEX-injury from the pushed roll. 

After round 4: Huruvin has 4 WP, STR 3, DEX 2, and is burning! But the dragon is also close to death!

Huruvin gets up and bets everything on a decisive victory, and ignores that he is burning! He slashes as hard as he can, and presses the roll for 5 successes = 6 in injury. He spends 1 WP on finding a weakness in the armor, and decapitates the dragonworm!

After round 5: Huruvin is burning and has 1 in STR. 

Then Huruvin rolls on the ground and manages to extinguish the fire (short action). Rising to his feet and brushing off himself, he then takes the dragons head over his shoulder and goes down to Lilleby and the waiting feast!

Had the dragon been a wiser dragon who parried, it might have gone differently. But if Huruvin had had a couple of comrades, it would not have made a big difference.

So the answer to whether a dragon can be killed: Definitely!

The ones that read the swedish version of the battle might notice that I changed Huruvins armour from plate to chainmail. This is because plate would give him -2 to Move, which I did not notice when I performed the battle. However, the armour did not play a part, and neither the shield he had. Now it depicts the illustration at page 88 instead! (And I always thought that that adventurer was doomed…) :)

As the thread title says - feel free to publish your own epical monster battles and how they played out - solo experiments with the rules (there is nothing good at Netflix anyway), or actual tales from the table. 
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Re: A battle with a dragon and other stories

Mon 08 Apr 2019, 11:10

It's not as epic as your dragon fight and technically it is not monster but orcs, but it is a real fun story.
My players was exploring the ruins of Falender. Since there was little official information I had decided that it had been destroyed when Zertorme attacked it. Since there had been a lot of magic released in the attack the place had a lot of magic residuals that made random spells take effect and that magic increased 1D6 in effect randomly.
So after my players had explored all the ruins and catacombs of the city they ended up in the cellar of the castle that had been taken over by a group of orcs. After some sneak killing they ended up with a stand-off between them (4 players) and 5 orcs.
The stone mage then used a spell to throw a rock at the leader. Since he wanted some damage he used spell power 3, and also rolled a 6 on the random increase of the spell power. So 9 dices where rolled for the magic, and 3 of them was 6:s (no 1:s luckily) which increased the spell power to 12.
Ultimately that meant that we saw the scene from Battle of Minas Tirith except for that the leader didn’t step away from the piece of wall that was thrown at him in the last second but that the rock smashed him like a bug. When our dwarfen warrior rushed and hacked of the leg of another orc at the same time the other three orcs decided that fleeing was better than fighting.
Funny enough, they saved the legless orc who is now the steward of the castle when they are away...
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Re: A battle with a dragon and other stories

Thu 25 Apr 2019, 13:00

(armor does not protect against fire?), 
In the other games, eg Coriolis, it does. 
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Re: A battle with a dragon and other stories

Thu 25 Apr 2019, 14:03

(armor does not protect against fire?), 
In the other games, eg Coriolis, it does. 
I can't find anything in the game that say otherwise in FbL either, except for the spell Immolate but that spell works by heating up the victims blood so burst into flames.
An armor will eventually be destroyed if you are on fire and at the end the fire will kill you regardless. It will just take a little bit longer if you have armor (unless you or anyone else stops it).
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Re: A battle with a dragon and other stories

Fri 14 Jun 2019, 00:51

Well your example is exciting. But also wishful thinking..

For starters our Dwarf seems to have some very very lucky rolls.
But most importantly: you never used the Dragon's fast action. The hero was half the time flat and prone to the ground. The Dragon should very quickly realise that his opponent is deadly (Dragons have very high Wits) and use his enormous movement rate of 3 to move away. The Dwarf would never hope to rise and attack (he did it many times). Also Monsters can't be feinted, but Monsters can themselves faint. So the first time the hero dodges and goes down flat to his back, the Dragon could use his fast action to faint and then attack again while the dwarf was prone..