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About cooking stuffs

Posted: Wed 27 Feb 2019, 11:55
by Magnapocryphe
I create this topic in response to another in the ERRATA part of the forum...
    Indeed. The Cauldron should instead say: "Lets a chef cook 2D6 units of food in a Quarter Day (instead of just D6 units)"
Okay, then you don't ask for a roll to cook meal, if I understand well...

It's something I don't understand about this : The CHEF talent allows to turn D6 unit of raw into food.
Why D6? I have 4 units of meat in my bag, I'll have 4 unit of food if I cook them no? Why ask for a radom quantity, whereas I know how many units i've hunted/fished//foraged...?

To me, it would be simplier with "up to 6 Units", no? As for the kitchen that allows "up to 12 units" (same Talent). And the cauldron would then allow a up to 9, or up to 6+D6...

But I don't understand why making food requires no roll...
I mean, a Wits+Survival would be great to roll cooking.
Each X turn 1 unit of raw into 1 unit of food.
Cauldron gives a +1, and kitchen is +3 (for example).

It seems to be much more like other rules.... :-)

Re: About cooking stuffs

Posted: Wed 27 Feb 2019, 16:01
by hperantunes
The design choice of making the number of units you can convert into Food a dice roll is probably simply to add some uncertainty to the result and making Food a little harder to obtain - considering that the raw materials spoil after one day if unused.

Re: About cooking stuffs

Posted: Sat 02 Mar 2019, 17:57
by 9littlebees
Players roll Survival to actually find the food. Making them roll again to cook it seems rolling for the sake of rolling. If they know how to cook it so that it can be preserved, they should be just allowed to do that. The randomness comes in how many resource units they are able to convert when cooking. I'm cool with that.