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Hidden Combinations questions

Tue 15 Jan 2019, 23:57

Hey Guys,

Loving the system so far, but I have two questions about the hidden combination system. Especially in a duel environment

1. Regarding the AWAIT action, is this action available for both attacker and defender? I think it would make sense for the attacker to use it too,
for example during an exchange he picks AWAIT while the defender picks DEFEND, fooling the defender to lose an action, and thus finding an opening to strike the foe when he can't parry/dodge. In rulebook though there is only mention about defender using the AWAIT action.

2. Wouldn't it make sense to implement something like a counter-attack? I know that defender can declare to attack in the hidden combination exchange, but then he risks losing his action if he takes damage ( without proper talent) or getting outright killed in the first blow. What i mean is a counter based on the parry or dodge, where it's more difficult ( say even a -3 modifier) for the defender to parry/dodge but then for example his action in the second exchange goes first? So let's say attacker declares ATTACK/SHOVE and defender PARRY(COUNTER)/ATTACK, and if he is succesful with the counter he makes his action go first in the second exchange. Otherwise the person with higher initiative will constantly ATTACK/SHOVE or ATTACK/DISARM (or other way around), and the defender is practically bound to only dodge/parry the whole time, because if he tries to MANOUVER(feint to take initiative) or anything else he is basically a sitting duck. Just food for thought there, maybe i understand the whole concept wrong :)