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Mounted Combat

Fri 08 Jun 2018, 17:14

Hey Guys,
just some questions regarding mounted combat, as one of my players wants to be a Rider:
First question is about movement, if she has the Horseback Fighter talent, can she shoot while moving in combat or does she need a Fast Shooter talent for that too?
If so would that mean it requires 2 talents to actually benefit for shooting from horseback? ( mobility) Or maybe the "Run" action is taken not by the player but by her mount?

The other thing are the Riders talents. They seem very specialized (all require a mount), which is fine and makes perfect sense, but from what I imagine most of the adventure sites will be castles/dungeons/ etc., which makes those characters really hindered in such sessions. Hard to imagine bringing a horse with her inside of a dungeon. Maybe make the player able to use the Path of The Knight without the mount, but at twice the cost ( 2 WP for 1)? She is a kind of a warrior after all.
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Re: Mounted Combat

Wed 13 Jun 2018, 20:22


You still need to Run as a separate action. Being mounted, you can Run faster, and you are protected from melee attacks. With the Horseback Fighter talent (rank 1) you can Shoot from horseback - without the talent, you'd have to dismount before your can Shoot.
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