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Posted: Wed 21 Mar 2018, 00:05
by Atomics
Just wanted to get clarification on the way the Psionic Enhancer (Zone Compendium 5, page 35) works.

Effect: The helmet has Gear Bonus +3. Roll the Gear Dice along with your Base Dice when you activate a psionic mutation. You can’t push the roll. Each 6 (RAD) will give you an extra MP to spend right now on this mutation, or save it for later. There is a drawback, however – any 6 (RAD) rolled will cause a misfire of the mutation.

As written, when you get a 6 on one of the 3 gear dice, you gain a mutation point, which you can either immediately use for the mutation (or save for later), AND you also have to roll on the misfire table (Mutant: Year Zero rulebook, page 69). The other possibility I thought when I first read it was that the last sentence should have read "any 1 (Biohazard) rolled will cause a misfire..." This would make it so that you could get all good OR bad results. As written, you will get good AND bad together. (I say "bad" but really misfire's aren't always bad.)


Posted: Wed 21 Mar 2018, 00:16
by Fenhorn
It should be EXPLO (1) that gives you misfire not RAD (6). That's how it is described in the Swedish ZC.


Posted: Sat 24 Mar 2018, 07:08
by Atomics
As always - fast and helpful answers Fenhorn. Thank you for all you do here on the forums!