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Planet of the apes

Mon 03 Apr 2017, 22:30

Hello fellow gamers,
Just wanted to share this different setting to play Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha. The rules work perfectly, especially the Dominance rules to move up within the complex ape society.

In this alternative 'planet of the apes' setting, there are four ape types you can play:
Bonobo (primary attribute = Instinct).
Chimpanzee (primary attribute = Wits).
Gorilla (primary attribute = Strength).
Orangutan (primary attribute = Agility).

Each ape type can start by choosing two animal powers from the following list: Climber, Fleet Footed, Furry, Herbivore, Jumper, and Warning Call.
In addition, apes get one bonus animal power based on their type:
Bonobo = Sixth Sense.
Chimpanzee = Fast Reflexes.
Gorilla = Huge.
Orangutan = Silent.

Available Roles:
Enforcer (from MYZ)
Stalker (from MYZ)
Gear-head (from MYZ)

Instead of starting out in Paradise Valley, they are part of a tiny nation with several linked settlements, somewhere in a warmer climate. Each settlement can be treated as an "Ark" (from MYZ) with projects and different advancement levels. In addition to exploring the wilderness or The Zone for artifacts or extra food, apes are at war with the humans. But, large battles are extremely rare. Almost all encounters between apes and humans result in a skirmish. There are ape slaver parties that actively seek out and capture humans to use them mostly as slaves within the ape settlements. There is also a great deal of internal sociopolitical intrigue.
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Re: Planet of the apes

Tue 04 Apr 2017, 15:58

Love the movies!

Check out Terra Primate from Eden Games for additional inspiration for a PotA-game.
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Re: Planet of the apes

Wed 05 Apr 2017, 20:15

Very cool stuff!
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