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small and defence

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 03:01

i am the GM and i came uaccross an unfortunate combo one of my players have small and is a defensive warrior so in combat assuming they get the first action they attack then wait for the enemy and then fight defensively, fine but how do i do anything to them they can spend feral points to ignore hits and always hit back, and if they get enough hits do agility damage as well, its starting to make combats pretty dull. and it will get even worse when they buy the warrior ability that allows them to defend against every attack. 

any ideas of a way around this i dont mind it happening sometimes but every fight is panning out the same way i know i can talk to them and ask them not to do it but it seems like a pretty big loop hole its not hard to do and only requires taking one ability and being a warrior 
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Re: small and defence

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 08:49

First off, if your player enjoys the powerfantasy you might just want to run with it since that's how he's having fun. However if it's spoiling the fun for the rest group you should sit him down and explain the situation.

Now on to how to kill your friend(s PC). He's a warrior and a close combat "fighter", the solution should be easy: ranged weapons! Have your npcs send up a heavily armored fighter or two to pin him down and then have the rest be armed with bows, slings and guns. If you want your close range npcs dish out some damage as well feel free to use some animal powers/mutations yourself. They can't be parried since they are auto-hits and your player can only have so many feral points...

Additionally you can hit him with either 1) Swarms, he won't be able to hit back, or 2) psychic enemies. They usually harm wits (confusion) or instinct (doubt), ie. things that the warrior should be low on and attacks that he can't parry.
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Re: small and defence

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 09:10

I had a player that did the same. 
* First he is not immune to ranged combat, so use ranged combat and molotovs (if they enemies have access to that) can be one way to go. He can still use Small but that is limited to the number of FP he has and using it will also cause a mishap sooner or later.
* In melee, if using scrap spears against him, the enemy can attack from near. If he doesn't have a melee weapon that can attack at near range, he can't use the counterattack stunt.
* In melee, fight the same way he does. Nothing stops you from giving your NPC, the same talents. He wants to be the defensive one to get the most bonus when attacking, but if he thus parries, he can't use the same stunts. Counterattacks will only do weapon damage (and this can't be increased with stunts) and the agility damage stunt can only be chosen once.
* In combat, he wants to parry, do the same. If the enemy has the initiative, do nothing and let him be the attacker. He can of course also do nothing and wait for the enemy to attack. That will be an interesting situation.
* In combat, attack his friends first and when they outnumber him, they use ranged combat first (throwing rocks if they don't have a ranged weapon) or use the defensive approach themselves. Also if he is outnumbered, try to disarm and/or push him to the ground instead of damaging him. Another enemy can take his weapon then.

From a narrative point of view, this wouldn't be so strange to use this kind of tactics against him because a warrior that is so superior in melee fighting will probably be famous because of that.
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Re: small and defence

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 11:28

sweet awesome thats given me some ideas. i had forgotten about spears reach for some reason ranged attack i had used sporadically but not molotovs
thanks a hea for the advice i will implement them for next weeks session