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Summer Camp Spy Games!

Mon 18 Mar 2019, 22:02

Hi everyone!

I've finally managed getting around to translating the mystery I shared here last summer, with the English title Summer Camp Spy Games. It is a short and tight story, designed to be simple enough to function as a starting mystery or to be played as a one-off or a change of pace from regular games perhaps. Hope you enjoy it and I appreciate any comments and criticisms you might have!
Also, big shout-out to Tina Monk over on the TftL Facebook group for helping me getting the language in proper order - much appreciated! ... sB0JpMhN0j
Titta vad jag gjort! / Things I've created:
Coriolis - talanger och referensmaterial
Symbaroum - Unsung Heroes of the Abomitorium
Ur Varselklotet/TftL - mysterier & spelböcker
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Re: Summer Camp Spy Games!

Sun 31 Mar 2019, 19:03

Fria Ligan

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