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Overview of a set of adventures

Thu 28 Sep 2017, 20:13

So I've decided to set the game I'm running at Brookhaven National Labs.  It is on Long Island and not far from New York City. We've met once to make characters, and we're going to play again. I've a long list of places that the players might find useful to summon a scene in. I thought there might be some interest in seeing my referee notes of the various plot hooks. These exist to help me keep track of planned stuff to investigate. I know that the players would wander off any script that is more tightly organized, as I've been gaming with two of the players since before the other two players were born :-)

All the players are playing girls with an age range from 10 to 15. All of them have at least one parent that works at BNL. Their secret hide out is a bunker in the steam tunnels. At least one of  the players has defined that her grandmothers live in a suburb of NYC.

Mysteries to Investigate

Last updated 9/28/17

This is a set of introductory adventures that the players can get involved with. Clues can be dropped in just about any scene.

Sleep Over Party!

There’s a school trip to New York City where the middle school classes will be taking an overnight trip to a big museum. In a highly planned trip where nothing has been left to chance, the middle school will journey by several sets of trains before spending the afternoon exploring the exhibits and the evening of fun special activities. Everyone will be attending. Fun is mandatory.

Who’s that girl?

A mysterious girl appears during the class trip to New York City. She looks to be about 11 or 12. The players are the only ones who notice that she is ‘just part of the group’, everyone else doesn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Sort of tall for a 12-year-old, long red hair, bright intense green eyes. If the players ask her anything directly she will evade their questions. They might be able to learn from someone that her name is Fiona, though no one is really sure of her last name.

She seems sort of predatory in her investigation of anyone who fits the category of ‘Jock’, more than just some random jock-fangirl. People’s memories are a little fuzzy around her, and the adults seem not to call on her – ever.

She’s a fey princess that is out on the town collecting beauty and stuff from cheerleaders while looking for an ideal consort to take back to the undying lands as her stud muffin (eww…) and body guard. Likely she’s already picked the captain of the soccer team, but he has to go willingly…

There are a number of places that the players can go to gather information.  Make it up as usual as you go!

Where have all the Cheerleaders gone?

There are those who are smart, those who play sports, and then there are those who cheer on the jocks. Generally there is no movement between the three groups. Something is causing the cheerleaders to ditch the squad for the debate, chess and/or science clubs. One of the lead ins for this can be an older sibling complaining that they’ve lost another cheerleader, so how are we going to play?

Or perhaps they over hear some older kids talking/complaining about it.  Older kids might also speculate on the reason for the cheerleaders suddenly dressing very frumpy and doing different stuff, or more likely talk around it while making jokes at her expense.

This can tie into the other one, as someone is stealing the cheerleader’s beauty and athletic prowness leaving  them with brains and a sadness for what they lost.

What’s that sound?

The player’s secret hide away has been defined as inside the steam tunnels at Brookhaven National Labs. Although the secret hide away is suppose to be fairly safe, that doesn’t prevent them from observing something unsafe in the tunnels!

The steam tunnels are a maze of passages under Brookhaven and under the various reality-altering physics devices. So, stuff from elsewhere is bound to leak out! Perhaps something cute and yet very hungry.  But very, very cute.  Too cute to leave behind when the field trip takes them to NYC.

Of course, it will make a break for it at a busy subway station! Roll chase music. Perhaps it is afraid of the mysterious girl, perhaps it saw lots of rat-snacks, perhaps it got bored being locked in  a bag  for transportation and wanted to be free.  Adults will prevent the players from chasing it into the subway tunnels, but that doesn’t preclude an exciting chase that gets the players separated from their school group.

They might be a bit sad at the loss of their terribly cute pet; however, it will just show up again at the museum after hours.
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Re: Overview of a set of adventures

Fri 29 Sep 2017, 12:49

Very cool stuff!
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