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Wagner Mechanics

Thu 16 Feb 2017, 19:22

The book says this,
"Lena equipped Wagner with a meter-long metal rod, which can be shot out of one arm. The rod is used to tinker inside machines without having to take them apart, but can also be used as a weapon." 

I'm wondering, does this rod extend out the end or side of the arm, does it have articulation? How does Wagner use a rod to mess with internal mechanics? Does he use it to get around outer parts or does he drill through the outer shells? Any thoughts? Sorry if I've missed something.
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Re: Wagner Mechanics

Tue 21 Feb 2017, 20:29

There is a section earlier in the chapter which seems to refer to the same appendage, which was used to murder Lena:

The narrow wound com- pletely through the head was caused by a thin elastic “finger,” about a meter long, which some robots use to manipulate circuits inside machines where space is ex- tremely limited. The finger is hard enough to be pushed through metal.

The bit about being able to manipulate circuits in tight spaces would certainly imply that is has articulation, but it would be nice to have clarification from the authors (or a diagram in the sidebar of an updated pdf version, after the printed edition).

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