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Custom Chacater Sheet Bundle

Thu 15 Mar 2018, 18:37

Hi everybody! Today I wanted to share a bundle of modified TFL Character Sheets that I've put together. They are 100% Vector and Form-Fillable.
I often visit the TFL Reddit forum. Last month a user name Elegant Skull shared his modified TFL Character Sheet HERE.
Meanwhile, I was working on my own project: Converting all TFL Character Sheets to 100% Vector and reducing their respective file size.
I got Elegant Skull's permission to make Vector versions of his custom sheet as well.

HERE is my bundle of modified TFL character sheets.

There are three folders:
  • The Original Layout in 100% Vector / reduced file size
  • ElegantSkull's Custom Layout
  • My own Half-Sheet Design to save paper
Each Folder contains Four versions: Color Grunge / Color Clean / BW Grunge / BW Clean
And..... Every PDF is FORM-FILLABLE!!!! Yay!!!!!

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