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Lost Sea, TN

Thu 08 Feb 2018, 07:35

I thought I would share a setting that I've been using for years now that I ended up porting over to Loop. It takes place in east Tennessee, and is pretty heavily inspired by shows like Twin Peaks and Eerie, Indiana. There's also a bit of Lovecraft/King country thrown in for good measure. I've used this for NWoD, D6, Innocents, and a bunch of other systems over the years, and it fit right in with Loop. East Tennessee has always had a certain "otherness" for me growing up, with lots of little hidey holes, weird little towns, and strange tourist traps. It's also extremely picturesque, with mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, and plenty of beautiful caves to explore. The write up is meant to be short and to the point, but I'm more than happy to answer any questions on the details, in case anyone is interested in using this for their own game. ... p.pdf?dl=0

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