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Are there two Sätras?

Wed 19 Jul 2017, 03:04

On p. 24, in the section about "Münso: Home of the Loop", it indicates that the "Defense Research Facility 14" (FOA) is located "at Sätra". I can find no Sätra on the island of Münso on the map.
On p. 26, in the section about "Adelsö: Remnants of the Past", it describes the "Sätra Youth Correctional Facility". There is a Sätra clearly indicated on Adelsö on the map.
Where is the FOA located?
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Re: Are there two Sätras?

Thu 20 Jul 2017, 09:11

Of course, the odd thing is that in reality Sätra isn't on either island.

Sättra gård is on northern Adelsö. Sätra is an area of Skärholmen in souther-west Stockholm.

Personally, I'd put Defense Research Facility 14 at Löten. We know that Wäsby has a chapel and if the DRF was near there, would't that be the target of the priest's anger rather than the Cooling Towers. Bona is very small - and in the real world it's pretty much a field. However, the lakes and location (in the real world) occupied by Löten on the map looks really interesting...

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Re: Are there two Sätras?

Tue 23 Oct 2018, 19:09

I find myself looking for this.

There’s a Sättra in existence on northern Adelsö. Typo?

I think that’s where I’ll put both...

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