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Sensitive sensors

Sat 16 Mar 2019, 21:27

Salam, spacefarers!
I have a question about a sensitive sensors. What actions exactly does they give a +1 for?
What exactly does "all sensor rolls" means? I mean, there is whole sensor phase about "sensor rolls"  :geek:
Ok, there is "improved targeting system" for target lock, so i think we can exlude it and, i guess, breaking the lock actions.
my opinion is +3 for virus attacks with combat meme and data pulse are too overpowered, no?
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Re: Sensitive sensors

Sun 17 Mar 2019, 00:00

Took a read in the core book just to check, and I think you're overthinking it.
The way I read it, 'sensetive sensors' give a bonus to all rolls the sensor operator makes in their turn, no exceptions. (well, data djinn rolls while in front of their console of course)

If it's OP? nah, remember, it's a feature, not a module, so the price is a percentage of the total cost of the ship, so it can get pretty damn pricey. And +3 is still 3 dice, not 3 successes, that's a feature of the system - the dice rolls can go either way.

And we already have similiar feature for most of the other roles in the cockpit: the pilot can get bonuses from 'turbo projectors', and the gunner can have 'advanced weapon systems' (only the poor captain does not have something to boost their command roll ... maybe drugs? :) )

tl:dr: don't worry about it, it does exactly what it says.

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