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Lowering Initiative

Posted: Sun 01 Jul 2018, 21:21
by toddbanister
Question regarding Initiative:

The last line of the Lowering Your Initiative section on page 82 states:
"Some bonus effects for successful attacks allow you to lower an enemy’s initiative score."

I haven't read every page in the rulebook yet - but so far I don't think I have come across any bonus effect that lowers the enemy's initiative score. Can someone point me to where one of these bonus effects would be listed in the rules?


Re: Lowering Initiative

Posted: Sun 01 Jul 2018, 21:31
by Belgeval
You are right. After a thorough PDF search, I can say a character can only modify their own initiative, either by rising it or by lowering it. It is not posible to modify an opponent’s initiative.

Re: Lowering Initiative

Posted: Mon 02 Jul 2018, 15:43
by Doctor KoT
If your enemy have a weapon with initiative bonus, disarm should do the trick :)