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Weapon Ranges

Mon 05 Dec 2016, 22:16

Didn't occur to me while reading through any of the material earlier, but the weapon ranges seem very low, although this maybe just that I don't understand ranged combat properly.  My first thoughts were:

Weapon                    Range  Comment
Vulcan Pistol              Short    Seems fine
Flamethrower            Short    Seems fine
Vulcan Carbine          Short    20 m range for a carbine - no greater range than a pistol or a flamethrower?
Vulcan Machine Gun Short    20 m range for what seems to be more like  alight machine gun than a sub machine gun seems very low
Legionnarie Carbine  Long    100 m range seems low for a standard military issue weapon especially one that seems to have had a lot of effect in the Third Horizon

Then I started to consider the -3 Beyond weapon range.  This seems to suggest you can shoot a Vulcan Carbine out to about 100 m but won't a great chance of hitting anything.  This seems about right.  Of course you also seem to be able to fire a flamethrower out to that range which is hard to imagine and the MG still seems rather challenged.

We might want ranged combat to be less deadly than reality, particularly at range to avoid PCs being picked off at range by groups of relatively low level NPCs but some of this weaponry seems far less capable than what I imagine are its 20th - early 21st Century  equivalents which seems counter intuitive.
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Re: Weapon Ranges

Thu 15 Dec 2016, 20:07

The ranges are low but I would consider these as what would be effective if you are being shot at while you are shooting back. You might be able to shoot out to 400 meters with an assault rifle on a range, but how far can you effectively shoot in a ruined building while the enemy is shooting back? With a pistol you could miss someone standing across the hood of a car from you even if you are trained to shoot if they are also shooting at you.