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Combat questions

Sun 14 Aug 2016, 23:56

Hi please can I ask some questions about combat to someone who has a better understanding of the rules and possibilities.

1- if you use a action point to get up /stand up while engaged in melee combat do you provoke a attack of opportunity ?

2-if you are engaged in melee against a prone opponent who is not stunned or broken do you get a bonus modifier to your attack roll .
I assume there would be some bonus as the attack would be easier and you would use one from table 4-3 but what would apply?

3-Are there no modifiers to attacks for line of sight?
In the example given in the rules for cover the attacker shots at someone who is round the corner of the wall without any additional penalties to his shot.
So do we have to assume that while using the take cover action you are splitting your time between protecting yourself and glancing arround / over the cover to see what is happening.
If not and you where fully hidden would there be a penalty modifier to the shot while still receiving the full bonus of the cover to your armour.

4-once you have used the " take cover" action do you need to spend a AP to maintain it ?
Obviously this is assuming you are still behind the same cover.

5-If cover was not available would you be able to spend a action point and do the opposite of get up and hit the deck to get some small amount of protection against ranged fire.
If so how would this work and what modifiers would apply?

6-in the sample of the combat section it states you can do various actions to increase your initiative.
Apart from surprise this seems to be by additional successes in combat.
However in attacking it says you gain +2 to your next attack only but while defending it seems to add +2 to your initiative for the rest of the combat is this correct or am I missing something.

7-once reduced to 0 hp you no longer take hp damage from attacks so does this mean that all attacks that hit you are then automatic criticals ?.
Do you roll an amount of critical rolls equal to the damage received or just one roll ?.
I ask because otherwise it would make no difference between a small hit with a damage rating of 1 or a considerably more powerful hit with a base damage of 4'

Hope someone can help with this

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Re: Combat questions

Mon 15 Aug 2016, 01:14

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Your questions:

1. No.

2. Not according to the rules as written, no. You can houserule it of course. :)

3. The cover rules assume you are looking over/around the cover. You could fire at a completely obscured enemy, but the rules for darkness would apply.

4. No, you don't need to spend AP to maintain cover.

5. This is not covered in the rules as written.

6. The initiative bonuses from attacking/defending apply for the rest of the combat.

7. Good point, but in the rules as written non-critical hits on a broken opponent have no effect. Again, you could of course houserule this.
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Re: Combat questions

Mon 15 Aug 2016, 08:10

Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly i really appreciate it.

As I only have the sample chapters from the kickstarter - what is the darkness rule ?

Looks like I will follow your advice and do a couple of small house rules

Looking forward to the game release it will be amazing

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Re: Combat questions

Mon 15 Aug 2016, 14:47

And thanks to you Andywo for bringing this up now – if we don't raise all that early, there's no chance that these things may end up in the printed version of the book.

I'd ask for one small addition/clarification though, and that concerns the answer to (6). When Andy asks about the "initiative bonus for attacking", I'm uncertain whether he may mean the +2 bonus for a surprise attack or the individual weapon bonus that can only be applied if you actually attack with this weapon this turn. Both bonus variants are explicitly described as "only in the first turn of the fight" / "temporary" respectively, so I guess that indeed the bonus evaporates in the next turn's order.
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Re: Combat questions

Mon 15 Aug 2016, 19:05

Many thanks Vainamoinen for your kind comments it was much appreciated.
Like yourself I hope more people come forward with there observations , suggestions and points that need clarification.
As a group we can all benefit from this.
You never know there might even be some small tweaks made as I seem to remember Fria Ligan stating they might do some tweaks (but not complete changes) based on feedback.

I think I can know adequately explain the clarification to you thanks to Tomas.

What I was referring to was the wording under raising initative in the combat section when you use /spend some of your additional sixes instead of increasing damage or reducing damage etc.
Like yourself I understand that the bonus for using a weapon and for surprise is temporary.
The original wording of the rules said that instead of doing +1 damage you could add +2 to your initiative for your next attack , but when using a additinal six for defence the wording implied it was a permanent increase to initiative for the rest of the combat.
Because I didnt understand why I raised the question and know understand that the +2 to initiative from using the additional six is permanent starting from your next attack going forwards.

I hope I have explained this ok.
Going to post some more ideas and suggestions soon would you be kind enough to look over them and give me your honest opinion .

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Re: Combat questions

Tue 16 Aug 2016, 15:55

Following on from the points I raised in my original post and the great response I received from Tomas I would like to put forward a suggestion for either a tweak or house rule.
The great thing about this suggestion is that it does not require any changes to the rules but actually uses and expands on them.
The only changes would be adding a couple of sentences and a important point that could of been missed can be nicely included in the game.
Please share your thoughts about this .

What I am addressing is point 5 (of the original post) which was if no cover was available could you effectively hit the deck.

You would only need to add the following sentences:

If no cover is available you can use the take cover action to take position on the ground and gain a limited amount of protection against ranged attacks.
This is in effect reducing your silhouette to such attacks and provides a additional -1 modifier to the to the ranged attack against you.
The minimum distance between you and the shooter needs to be at least the short distance category on table 6.3 to be effective.
While on the ground you may still use the rules for fire support and brace your weapon gaining a +1 modifier to your shot.
If you are engaged by a opponent with a ranged weapon within close range while you are prone you can not effectively defend yourself and are considered immobile.
The attacker gains a +3 modifier to his attack for engaging a immobile opponent see table 6.3 and the within close range rules of the ranged section of the combat rules.

There you go its simple eloquent and just expands on the existing rules .
There are no rule changes just new possibilities and tactical options.

I introduced this idea because in my own humble opinion by accident something was missing.
In every theatre of conflict troops regularly take cover and firing positions on the ground due to the tactical benefits it provides.

I hope you like this idea please post your comments and thoughts.

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Re: Combat questions

Tue 16 Aug 2016, 20:59

We are using a houserule when playing Mutant Year Zero (rules very similar to Coriolis) where laying on the ground allows you to take support without cover.
I was thinking of giving a modifier for sitting with support against the knee as well, but decided that I have other more rules heavy games for that need! :)

Good thinking that laying down should give some cover/modifier to someone shooting at you. I will certainly use that idea!
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Re: Combat questions

Tue 16 Aug 2016, 21:32

Hmm... maybe someone should move this thread to "Coriolis - Rules (English)"?
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Re: Combat questions

Wed 17 Aug 2016, 10:51

Your are absolutely right I did in error post this to the settings part of the forum instead of rules part.
If someone would be kind enough to tell me how to move it I will

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Re: Combat questions

Wed 17 Aug 2016, 11:30

Your are absolutely right I did in error post this to the settings part of the forum instead of rules part.
If someone would be kind enough to tell me how to move it I will

I believe only the admins can move threads. And if they deem it necessary, they will. Don't worry about it and welcome to the forums! :)