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Couple of questions from a newbie

Mon 05 Dec 2016, 00:55

Dog handlers
Can a Dog Handler have more than one dog? Because a single dog is nice, but it pales a bit next to a Boss who gets 2-3 NPCs with him per level of Command (which include a Dog Handler!). Also, can you get a better dog than the basic Str4/Agi6 one (for example by rolling stunts on your Sic a Dog when looking for a new one)?

I'm also trying to figure out if non-gearheads can actually craft stuff. It probably doesn't take a genius to sharpen a piece of metal, tie it to a stick and call it a scrap spear. And I doubt the Gear heads are going to be doing all the sewing and mending of the Ark. Anyone has any idea how someone would go about doing basic/primitive things (ie scrap spear, shanking knife, skinning that beast you just killed, etc)? Anything remotely advanced (armor, rot suit, firearms, binoculars, vehicles, etc.) obviously requires a Gearhead, but it feels like them being the sole people able to duct tape things together is a bit restrictive.

Zone expedition
The rules for Zone Expeditions (p. 123-124) do not mention how many People must be sent. Depending on the roll for the results, you can lose some of them (d6), but there's no indication of the minimum that must be sent
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Re: Couple of questions from a newbie

Mon 05 Dec 2016, 20:15

I did not find anything on additional/more powerful dogs in the rules that interact directly with the dog handler skill/talents. I would play the game first to see how powerful the dog handler is and if you are the GM and you feel it should be tweaked, I'd use the boss mechanics for inspiration. If you are a player, I'd ask your GM to see about these options if you think you need them.

As to crafting, there are two talents called Mechanic in Genlab Alpha that you could use. I am not going to use them so that the gear-head has unique abilities that other PCs don't have.

Based on a Mouthful of Water it looks like a zone expedition would be a PC sized party plus 1-2. For me that would be 1d6 + 2.
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Re: Couple of questions from a newbie

Tue 06 Dec 2016, 00:05

Great replies from Charlie D. The idea is that the Dog Handler has only one dog.
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