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Jerrycan and fuel

Sun 27 Dec 2015, 19:34

Are there supposed to be rules for how long the fuel in the can will last?

Because I don't see any mention of how many doses of fuel the Jerrycan has so I assuming the fuel will run out when the GM decides so (due to drama or simply because the PCs have used a lot of it already.)
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Re: Jerrycan and fuel

Sun 27 Dec 2015, 22:41

The problem is that a jerrycan can hold a lot of fuel (20 litres). A car spends one doze fuel per zone sector travelled. That's one dose per mile (I think a sector is one squaremile).

How much is a doze? Well, I don't know, but if we assume that a car (old car - 80s model*) can drive around 7 miles per litre. If we add in some bonus driving, we have 5 miles per litre. This mean that a jerrycan have 100 doses.

This is what I assume. I think 100 doses is a nice even number. I sometimes add a dose extra if I think they have driven around a sector more than usual. I also rule that a if a player converts the engine so it runs on alcohol, it needs upp to 3-4 doses of alcohol (or even less) instead of just one (depending on skill roll when converting).

* My games have a "cultural stop" at the 80s (the times when the world in my game started to go to hell), so artefacts and scrap and such is usually in the form of 80s things.
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Re: Jerrycan and fuel

Tue 22 May 2018, 14:41

Fenhorn's estimation seems right to us. The exact amount of fuel in a Jerrycan is not set, so just like Askold suggests, the GM has final say of when it runs out.
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Re: Jerrycan and fuel

Tue 22 May 2018, 18:19

Got it, thanks :)