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Lovecraft and Year Zero Engine

Posted: Mon 27 Sep 2021, 16:12
by paskål_jansson
Hi all
I’ve been developing a game based on Lovecraft’s writing and using the Year Zero Engine for quite some time now, even before the announcement of the Great Old Ones for the Baranger crowd-funding.

I’m just making this for my group of players, since we no longer want to play with a d100 system and other systems for mythos related RPGs don’t really fit our desires.

But I thought it would be interesting to have opinions of other players on the different mechanics I came up with, mostly inspired by or adapted from Fria Ligan products and the Year Zero Engine OGL.

So here it is, working title Strange Aeons & Eldritch Yarns : ... sp=sharing

I'm almost through with the first part, being the mechanics and i'm starting to work on the second part, being the universe.

Feel free to comment, discuss, ask whatever you want, I’ll try to answer as best as my English allows me to.