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Help with Order

Wed 13 Jan 2021, 21:38


I recently placed Order FRIA32631 for four bundles of books. The order was a Forbidden Lands Box set, a Coriolis set, Symbourum set, and Mutant: Year Zero set. I have now received bthe shipment but instead of the Coriolis set I received Tales from the Loop set.

I'm looking to still receive the Coriolis set on my order and was wondering if I can somehow go ahead and purchase the Tales from the Loop set that I was sent. I can update with a screenshot of my order if I need to.

I have attempted to contact support@frialigan.se and I have tried to contact via the Contact Us webpage.

Thank you for your time and the awesome books!
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Re: Help with Order

Wed 13 Jan 2021, 23:54

Daniel from support here. I will answer you in a PM in a few minutes!
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