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Twilight: 2000!

Wed 13 May 2020, 16:17

Found memories of adventures in the Free City of Krakow, Pirates of the Vistula etc, Tim Bradstreet's iconic illustrations, taught me central european cartography and I still recognize most weapons & vehicles from that era...

The Barbarians of Lemuria "men's stories" rpg spin-off D.O.G.s of War had a homage setting with the Twilight War that I really liked and considered running as a nostalgic trip to T2000.

While I like the bold move for a back-to-basics re-relase of theworld of 2000, it remains to see if it will be a "commercial" success andattract new players, but count me (and other old grognards) in.
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Thu 14 May 2020, 02:22

I’ll be a new player!
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Thu 14 May 2020, 10:24

I've been waiting for a rerelease of this since I found my brothers beaten up 2nd edition 25 years ago. My body is ready.
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Fri 15 May 2020, 02:14

After serving in the Army as a Military Policeman from 82-87 half that time in Germany I came back home central Illinois, 20 minutes away from Normal, IL where Game Designer's Workshop was located. Have the first and second edition of Twilight 2000 and even picked up Twilight 2013. Looking forward to seeing what Fria Ligan does with it.
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Sat 16 May 2020, 13:33

A welcoming start to a new edition by the new company trying to reinvigorate the community is important. Some of the old guard are already rooting for its demise it appears elsewhere on the internet, and I think it's great to have a central hub for new faces to interact with open-minded old faces.

I started gaming in 1990 I believe and a visit to family friends in Rockford, IL early on a road trip in 1991 was where an older friend introduced me to the game. For the next 2ish weeks I obsessed about these new RPGs I was introduced to (having only played TMNT before). I think I got AD&D 2nd edition somewhere in South Dakota at a hobby store I begged my parents to stop in and then I got Twilight:2000 in Salt Lake City at another hobby store I begged my parents to stop in towards the end of the road trip. I gradually began collecting 1st and 2nd ed T2K supplements and played in high school with a handful of guys and gals in their late 20s, some of whom were ex-military. When I went off to college and came back, we never reconnected though and so I haven't actually played Twilight:2000 since probably 1997. Even as my gaming became more sporadic, I continued to chip away at the small pile of supplements I hadn't already gotten because I just think it's a fantastic game.

Some will cling to the old rules and want an updated setting. Some, like me, will cling to the setting, and want updated rules. You're not going to make everyone happy, but I hope the update brings new folks to the fold.

Good luck. I'm happy to have a forum where we can discuss the NEW game.
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Sat 16 May 2020, 14:12

The game and setting was really good! The modules were sand boxes before the term I guess. I remember being a little frustrated by the lack of detailed maps and railroaded adventures in them, coming from fantasy gaming, but that forced the GM to be creative with the tools given. Challenge magazine was also good for the game. Still remember the cover of issue 35 ... zine-No-35 - that is the best picture of what T2000 is.
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Sun 17 May 2020, 16:16

Having many fond memories of this game (mostly 1st Ed), I am looking forward to seeing this (even if I'm now of an age that it spends more time on the bookshelf than actually being used)
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Re: Twilight: 2000!

Mon 18 May 2020, 17:06

I used to work in a RPG/game shop back in the mid-80s' when I was 14 or 15 or so and I used to admire Twilight 2000 and some of the modules up on the shelves but I never got it as 1) couldn't afford it and 2) couldn't get my friends interested in trying anything other than D&D or Runequest (couldn't even get them into Traveller). Short version, I didn't play an RPG for 35 years or so but along the way kept buying and reading the books I was interested in and many, many years later I bought a ton of Twilight 2000 stuff on eBay (and I mean, a ton) but have still never played any of the 3 versions I bought.

That said, I do have a regular playgroup now and we split our time mostly between FFG's Star Wars RPG and Genesys and we have played a couple of "Twilight 2000"-lite one-shots in Genesys so, even though I have read and digested the 1.0 and 2.2 systems but never played, I am WILDLY excited for the release of this new system to finally give it a go.

Side note: I tricked my playgroup into trying Alien a few months back (last gaming session before quarantine) and, like the ass that I am, I told them we were playing Mongoose's version of Traveller. They didn't love me towards the end but they DID love the Alien game-system and I have already forewarned them that a Twilight 2000 campaign is incoming...

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