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Journey beyond the Tannhäuser Gate

Sun 14 Nov 2021, 16:35

I’m all for hunting or being hunted on the dirty streets of L.A. but what I would love to see is some material that finally takes us off world.

The recent 2019 and 2029 comics partially left Earth for the colonies. As I recall the “sequel” novels left Earth, but there’s been a few decades since I read those, and I don’t remember liking them enough to bother rereading them. We shall see where the Black Lotus series takes us when it’s released.

I can’t imagine that life off world is actually any better than the complete hell that is Earth; with how hard they advertise the colonies, I’m guessing the reality is probably worse.

Ever since I watched the original film, I’ve wanted to see Blade Runner’s off world libertarian dystopia. I think Fria Ligan can do it justice, they pretty much nuked the Alien rpg from orbit, I have zero doubts about the quality of Blade Runner, I just hope we get an off world source book.
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Re: Journey beyond the Tannhäuser Gate

Mon 15 Nov 2021, 16:38

Well, Bladerunner takes place in a neo noir setting. That usually means urban locations. In what way would descriptions of off world colonies be neo noir? I think it’s a question of what the conceptual core of this game really is. In the movies, we never see anything off world. We just know that some characters have been there. To me, that’s interesting enough.
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Re: Journey beyond the Tannhäuser Gate

Wed 17 Nov 2021, 20:17

I think the approach taken in The One Ring will be fine here as well. Dig where you stand. There is enough in LA 2019 to do. Keep the off-hand mysteries as such. People have speculated and wondered about those ads and iconic words from Batty for almost 4 decades…

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