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Re: Using hate/resolve points..

Wed 03 Nov 2021, 17:09

This probably should have gone in the Loremaster section, to keep away from players.

You have to use the Hate/Resolve on your adversaries to make them a threat, though an argument to leave a point for a protection test or to stave off the weary condition is certainly a viable tactic.
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Re: Using hate/resolve points..

Fri 05 Nov 2021, 11:28

This might seem like a bit of a "spoiler" since I'm part of the developing team, but... my advice is to use Hate/Resolve points only as a balancing factor in combat.

Are players having too much luck with rolls? Or, is the Company a little too combat-oriented? Or again, is the session going far too smoothly for the players?
If so, go all out. Make weak opponents spend Hate/Resolve points on attack rolls, to make even a lowly Goblin Archer's arrow very dangerous. And make more massive opponents spend Hate/Resolve on Protection rolls, to prevent them from being killed immediately by a lucky Piercing Blow from a player's axe.

Are the players having too much bad luck instead? Is the Company not very combative? Or is the adventure going rather badly for them?
Then take it easy. Spend Hate/Resolve rarely, and only to activate Fell Abilities with a scenic effect, or to get a cathartic narrative moment. Or don't spend any at all, if things are going really badly for the players.

Hate/Resolve points are meant to be a tool entirely in the hands of the Loremaster, to make each combat encounter unique and balanced (or even unbalanced, if that is the intention). There is no single rule on how to use them: rather, it will be necessary to evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether and how to spend them, in order to achieve the desired effect.
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Re: [Moved] Using hate/resolve points..

Fri 05 Nov 2021, 11:51

Moderator Action: Moved the thread to the Loremaster's Only section because it seems to fit better here.
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Re: [Moved] Using hate/resolve points..

Thu 25 Nov 2021, 10:22

For me it's the very weak adversary, that PC s might ignore otherwise. Goblin archers are very weak. But a poisoned arrow will remind the party that life an be very short sometimes!

As a pseudo house rule, I have used Hate as a trade off - swopping one or two points of Hate to 'add' an extra surprise ability to a foe. How do you fancy some of these?

E.g. An orc soldier whose sword is a bit keener than normal (give it a name too, Nargrab the Nasty!)
E.g. A goblin with a larger bow, damage increased by one (Magtuc the Long Armed)
E.g. The Red Captain, (an Orc with a red topcoat) any orc or goblin next to it is not Craven.

Each of these adversaries might have 1 less Hate (or Resolve for non- Shadow adversaries) to permit this variation.

Actually, I will often not let the PCs know this until it happens, but in fairness, I will narrate some pointers
E.g. one goblin will yell out "Nargrab, you take the leader! Slice his head off!" And Nargrab will push his way forward.

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