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Re: Character Generator available?

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 11:36

Got it, thanks, Baldrick. I appreciate the detailed readme txt, and will try spinning it up over the weekend :)

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Re: Character Generator available?

Sat 26 Jun 2021, 06:14

I suppose a logical next step would be a "dynamic character creator", as I now have code already written to do skill checks for promotions, raise and lower attributes and skills etc. By dynamic, I mean the user would choose childhood, next career etc., with the application making the necessary rolls.
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Re: Character Generator available?

Sun 27 Jun 2021, 17:11

Thanks, Baldrick, can you share the link please?

I've sent the link in a private message. I hope you can get it running.
I'd love a link as well, please? :)

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