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Re: Beta Feedback - Referee's Manual Chapter 5 Scenario Sites

Tue 04 May 2021, 05:13

Pages 80 and 82:
A red brick municipal building like any other save this one waves both the Polish [Swedish] and American flag from its post. The American flag is the higher of the two. The town has a mayor, though she holds no real power. The business of bureaucracy takes place here, to the extent it can, but the U.S. military is very clearly in charge. The building itself is militarized, with checkpoints and perimeter fencing. One corner is still wrecked from what was a suicide bomber.

Odd phrasing, "what was a suicide bomber". Might want to change to "still wrecked from an suicide bombing". saying the former bomber wrecked it makes it seem like his guts are spattered on the wall, as opposed to the building having a crater in the corner.

On that note, the Map on page 82 shows no such damage to any of the walls of the Town Hall. Either the damage caused by the bombing was negligible and the paragraph should changed "wrecked" to something more flavorful like "scarred" or Wrecked means something else to you guys.
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