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Re: T2000 Variant Campaigns

Mon 17 May 2021, 04:34

Zombi - mentioned by pfarland, I think this is an easy win for any t2000 GM. In the olden days, I wrote and published a zombi game (imaginatively named ZOMBI) in the far distant past so I have a heap of adventure hooks and content for this (which I'm happy to share). I think T2000 and YZE would do it very well. It doesn't matter the source/reason for the zombie horde, it's just there. The real hazard is people (as we can see from the media). The theme is optimism though - we will outlast them. As the commander says in 28 Days Later, these creatures are a dead end. They'll never bake bread... and it has to be more than the endless "find a sanctuary, lose a sanctuary" story cycle that dominated The Walking Dead.
Vampires Everywhere - From "I Am Legend" to "The Omega Man", the idea of the world being over-run by vampires is a little entertaining (especially when you consider what they eat when they're finished with us). For an interesting and slightly militarised take on it, have a look at Joe Ahearne's Ultraviolet TV series. It was Idris Albas big break.
Horror invasion - something like the Anopheles invasion (by Allen Varney - - probably known best for Paranoia). The war ends but the war still has to begin. There's something horrible out there and it's eating people. We see echoes of this in A Quiet Place our Bird Box. Heaps of Cthulhu inspiration there, the stars finally being right, and no way to actually win. I'm not enthralled by this "pessimistic" outcome.
BTW, this is sort of the premise of another GDW game contemporary to v2.2 (and also using the real D20 system), Dark Conspiracy.

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