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Re: Question about 5th Division Location

Mon 25 Oct 2021, 21:00

I've used that sort of thing in my campaign, it makes a fun adventure McGuffin: the radio channels/codes are rotated every day (or few days) so finding current intel to be able to listen in on the enemy, or talk to friendlies, is always desirable. Plus it puts a limit on how long the group can be out away from home-base, which is a style of play my group seems to enjoy. Take a mission, go pursue it for a few days to a week, return home battered and bruised with their winnings (or without...)

T2K is a lot of give and take of resources, rich-to-poor cycles in various resources. This is another good one.
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Re: Question about 5th Division Location

Wed 24 Nov 2021, 16:42

The old 1st edition had the 5th Division At Kalisz, on the morning of 18 July, 2000, 4:50 AM, as the sun was coming up.
The Warta River bridges were blown to the North and most of the East. Thousands of Russian Troops, backed up by Tanks. In the earlier editions, Polish Units were on the side of Russian forces. Because the game was written in 1984.
The Setup was such that most beginning units would breakout to the Southeast to the woods between Kepno, and Zloczew.
The old map was really generic, the terrain is nothing like that at all, and there are small villages not that exist in reality, that are not seen on that map.

A fan Jed McClure, did an excellent job making new handouts: ... ndbox.html
Note the Daeth of a Division, and intel briefing, particularly.

The New Edition has 5th Div HQ overrun in Mid April, 5 Km North of Kalisz.
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