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Cantrips and Leveled Spells

Posted: Sun 26 Sep 2021, 01:06
by Ugglefar
I played through The Promised Land with a new group of players today. We had a mix of players completely new to TTRPGs as well as more veteran D&D 5e players.

Firstly, everyone had great fun and really loved the setting.

One of the more veteran players has played a lot as a Tempest Cleric and other casters in standard D&D. He was really curious about the Corruption system and lack of spell slots. He pointed out that when you reach a high enough level some cantrips will out-damage level 1 spells, but these level 1 spells will still give you more Corruption than the cantrips. I am not sure how much it actually matters, but has this been taken into consideration during game development?

Thoughts? Opinions?

Re: Cantrips and Leveled Spells

Posted: Sun 26 Sep 2021, 09:51
by Spat
Yes some spells become useless with high levels PCs. Unfortunately it is not said in the Player Handbook that you can change one spell you know and replace it by a new one when you gain a level, as it is in 5E.