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Some general thoughts on the alpha

Tue 07 Sep 2021, 05:54

Page 64: Survival Instinct: "While goblins are a loud and fractious people, they have a powerful will to survive. You can take either the Dash, Dodge or Disengage actions using your bonus action. You also gain proficiency with the Stealth and Survival skills." - I'm concerned that the Dodge for a bonus action might be too strong. Someone would need to run the numbers on this. Perhaps another solution would be to give goblins a +1 or +2 AC bonus?, similar to how the Warforged from the Eberron setting works.

Comparing Trolls and Ogres they have very similar stats, except that the Ogres have advantage on Wisdom saving throws, while the trolls doesn't get anything at all. I don't know, maybe it's still balanced?

My biggest concern:
I might have missed something; but as the rules are written now the Self-taught and Sorcerer Approaches are lore-wise more susceptible to Corruption, but mechanically in the game right now they are BETTER than the traditions at avoiding getting Corruption. It feels like during the rule conversion it was missed that you used to get permanent Corruption simply from learning spells, UNLESS you belonged to a tradition. This is not the case anymore, so Self-taught mystics and Sorcerers do not start with permanent Corruption in 5e as they did in the original rule system.

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