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Starter PDF - a couple of light editing issues

Wed 05 May 2021, 07:07

I skimmed other posts, but did not see these mentioned. Apologies if these have been addressed already.
1) page 9, under PEOPLE, paragraph 4: "...the civilization that ruled the region up until a millennia ago." --- 'millennia' is plural. Since you seem to mean just one, you want the singular "millennium".
2) page 18, under SHADOW AND ALIGNMENT, first sentence: "The underlying theme of Ruins of Symbaroum is the struggle between nature and civilization, between creativity and discipline — and what happens when ??? (humanity mainly) cultivates nature;" --- The parenthetical needs a referent, probably a word or two in the position marked with "???". Perhaps "a civilization" ?
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Re: Starter PDF - a couple of light editing issues

Fri 07 May 2021, 14:50

Good catches! We'll incorporate them into the next version of The Promised Land that goes out. :)

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