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Sappers, new ability! (a real gamechanger?)

Sun 18 Apr 2021, 13:07

My idea:
The Sapper Approach new ability: Artillery from the past (or blast from the past)
Beginning at 3rd level the sapper gains the ability to temporary fix any siege weapon available at the ruins or location to fire off twice before it breaks down again. each 3 levels increase the salvoes or shots fired by one before the siege artillery breaks down.

Many ruins of Davokar (and elsewhere) have broken down remnants of powerful siege weapons and artillery. From the rotting hulk of a looming trebuchet, to the ominous rusting-shut balistae still pointing in your direction from a lofty tower. Their wires, pointy parts and suspended gears can still pose a danger, especially if someone know how to operate these fossilized artilleries. A sapper can with just a few minutes of preparation and the use of Siege Tools make the broken artillery fire again, however only temporarily as the machine will break down completely beyond repair, as with each salvo, parts breaks loose. The ability Artillery from the past make use of the siege equipment parts to enable it to fire even if ammo is not available. This cannibalisation and the crude jury rigg from the sapper, makes sure that after the last salvo fired the artillery engine is completely destroyed beyond repair.

Damage increase
at level 5 the damage of the Artillery fired increase by one die. At level 10 the Artillery damage is increased by a further die, so again on level 15 and 20.
(this is a balance thing and should be measured by the number of salvoes the artillery gets to fire off.)

I think one of the sapper's strength should be to use the environments to it's advantage whether it's to tunell beneath a wall or prepare a broken down balistae to use against the hiding monsters within the fortress or collapse a wall over surprising enemies. A sapper should feel at home at ruined fortress in Davokar, with still semi-operational suspended bridges, portcullises and rotating catapult towers. ;)

What you think guys?

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