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Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Mon 01 Jan 2018, 21:46
by Baldyr ... ZqCjQJnMeR

...kan ju påpeka att det finns ytterligare avsnitt på YouTube-kanalen...

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Tue 09 Jan 2018, 17:14
by WanaxOdysseus

Länkar här också. Var lite lat under julen...

Kan också säga att jag inte har tillräcklig kläm på ljudet än. Behöver förmodligen en bättre mick, men saknar budget för det för ögonblicket...tror jag...

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Tue 09 Jan 2018, 17:18
by WanaxOdysseus
Fr.o.m dessa episoder börjar vi skuggmakternas inflytande på spelet....

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Tue 09 Jan 2018, 17:26
by WanaxOdysseus
Och här är resultatet från senaste skuggrundan. Några av skuggmakterna (förutom Shagul) börjar förstå vad begreppet "Oraklets Fyra Ögon" betyder, men vilken av dem som är Shaguls frontfigur är okänt, till och med för de som vet att Shagul finns och har betydelse.

Spelbrädet hittar ni här:
16-31 Fateska, 613 After Odo

January 8, 2018


Clusta Noba
Barù Saulani and his Fire Tongue Inquisitors stretched thin by their attempts to both find a way to reach the source of the flow of power in Marjura and search for any sign of the resurrection of some ancient fleet on the coast begin to actively recruit among the refugees for guides and new members (Mobilise).
Kaldor starts recruiting freedom fighters from the among the Rungli with promises of piracy against the old noble families. When many young ones join, their families feel better about strong relations with the Commodore. Raise Influence Success.
As Fundibéra uses her magic to give the illusion that she is battling the beasts the rituals she taught the citizen's are making them more and more trusting and thankful for their help. They feel so grateful that they like up to offer what they can to her, their new protector (Raise influence).
No news.
A new pack of Wolven are spotted moving south from Rung into the Wulferwood, seemingly followed by an increased activity among the packs. Nobody really seems to know what's going on though. Who even cares what those weird beastmen do, anyway? (Mobilize).

A new sect has come to Vumbra. People wearing strips of purple to various degrees, from a simple bracelet to a full toga, for the most enlightened of the sect members, preach the Purity of the Purest colour, the PurPur, throughout the city. Many join, for the sooty city definitely lacks colour. (Raise nfluence Success).
Fundibéra's followers bring good news from Rung! She is besting the manapor! This news brings jog to the Kark citizen's and trust for the resident magic user (Mobilize).
A group of potion makers set up shop in Kark, offering low cost samples to the navy and slave owners alike. The cost of healing potions proves to be more cost effective than buying new slaves to replace those who are injured and of no more use. Navy personnel find that the occasional potion to enhance their wakefulness or abilities useful in the right circumstances. The potion makers steadily grow their clientele (Raise Influence).
No news.
Fokale Plains
Many Hueli leaders have been very reluctant to work with outsiders, fiercely guarding their independence. That resistance is considerably weakened when PurPur Tattoo Symbolist cannibals from Kargom eat many of them, after having tattooed them and hung their skins as banners in the wind to send a message.(raise influence Success).
The people of the Old Blood have gathered many followers discontent with the Prince of Folda's lack of confrontation with the Trakorian Empire. Now, those nobles start working the officials and religious dignitaries of the province, to slowly but surely build support. It turns out that at least some locals are frustrated to see their taxes go to far away Tricilve, and are sympathetic to a towards someone who would stand up for their interests more firmly (Raise Influence Success).
Manzonla himself arrives when the Ransardian raiders when they threaten to sack the city of Trybra. The city council is mightly impressed by his negotiating skills when he managed to make them go away by calling the curse of Shamash against anyone who would violate the city. Later that night, the mayor and various lofty people promise Manzonla their eternal friendship. They never saw the sacks of gold Manzonla used to pay the Ransardians with (Raise Influence success).
Meanwhile, Geryon Grotteschi is touring the province of Moskoria together with his academic allies. In Favoki and Famarulh, they hold seminars throwing doubts over the heritage of the Prince of Folda, questioning if he is really the rightful heir of the Klavykian Empire. They also suggest that an oligarchy of nobles might be the best way of reviving that old state. This Neo-Klavykian idea is gaining traction among some influential powerholders (Raise Influence success).
Many reports are coming in from farmers and Moskorian nobles practicing with their chariots indicating that the Killer Crane Cavallery has been training more cranes and riders.(mobilize),
The siege troops of Gaddagormgald want to celebrate their great victory over Edwyl Hussler and commission brand new clothes from Enji's PurPur Emporium. The clothes are really impressive and soon nobles and other dignitaries take up these "latest fashions". As they go to get outfitted, they also find themselves making a lot of promises to the powerful Merchant House...s (raise influence Success).
The Kishat
In Albarunzia, Hussler's death means finally some peace and quiet for the priests of Shamash. The priests use this lull to strengthen their own ranks with fresh recruits and taking collections from the people, continuously invoking the words of the Vox Ranzina to convince their followers that their purpose has divine sanction. The priesthood is strengthened as a result.(Mobilize).
The city of Navumbra was in turmoil today, as various political powers engaged in a heated cold war with each other. Men and women died by the droves in alleyways, dark corners, and bars across the city. It seemed apparent that the Infiltrators in the region were fighting to decide which of them would become the second in command to Gaddagormgald himself. After 2 weeks of blood, betrayal, and calculated violence, the city finally stood still. Whatever quiet war had been raged through the streets seemed to be over, and a second in command was decided (Mobilize).

A defense agreement was reached this season between the Gaddagormgaldian Navy and the city of Branyla. In the event of attack, the two forces pledged to unite their forces. In exchange, Gaddagormgald's admiral, Forlong, was elected to an advisory position in the Branylian Navy. Raise Influence Success.

Manzonla's mercenary captain sees an opportunity in the wake of the treaty. With the defense treaty, tensions go down, which means unemployment for many private contractors. Manzonla's captain quickly employs them to serve the Kishat (Mobilize).
No news.


In the interest of promoting prosperity, a grand trade festival is organized! Along with countless new booths filled with strange and exciting merchandise, entertainment of all sorts is arranged to draw the folk of Ruhl to the impromptu tent city that is built (Mobilize).


No news.
As the thriving heart of Trakoria beats on, it often seems too many important projects are left unattended by the DiFolts, as there's ever more items to draw attention of those in power. Thankfully with the efforts of the gifted and exceptionally trained engineers of Duke Belisiria, we can see many public works not merely kept up as they had been, but finely tuned and improved, making life even more full for all who spend time in the Capital. The work is very popular among the commoners, who soon turn to the engineers for all sorts of problems (Raise Influence success).
The Cronolab Maintainance Crew gains influence by making eerily accurate predictions (raise influence success)
The Innocentians who escaped the earlier purges return to their charity house slowly but surely, taking up their good works as though nothing had happened before. The poor are given shelter and food, medicines are doled out to those with the greatest need, and lessons are taught on how to bear one's suffering with grace for the gods (Mobilize).
Hiltre & Hoejdar
The Veteran Priests of the Abzulva search for the truth at Ranz and recruit any Ranzine Monks and devout souls among the refugee population capable of aiding in their search and willing to them join in this fight.(Mobilize)
A massive crackdown on tax evasion masked the true purpose of the Duke's private army in the city: elimination of rival powers in his home. The first news that betrayed the true purpose was the arrest of a high-level servant in the palace for theft (in the skimming of tax monies), however it was leaked by another source that the person arrest never had such access (who was then prompty tracked down and arrested themselves). Within days multiple arrests were made, guided by intelligence from the Digeta Longa, most were mutilated by removal of a hand or finger for theft, but at least three were executed on orders of the Duke himself, rather than the Magistrate who was also present. As the guilty parties are lead away, two women watch from the shadows, with smiles on their faces. They knew this crackdown was coming, and the evidence they planted with the innocent men diverted attention from them just in the nick of time. No agent loyal to Duke Gomba ended up in Duke Kamesti's sweep this time. (Attack Resource fail). Instead, the Agents prey on the fear and anger created among many officials over the obvious trumped up charges against innocent people. If these people can become targets for doing nothing, then who is safe? Some highly placed people pledge their loyalty to the House Gomba, desperate for protection. (Mobilize). Commodore Kaldor lines the necessary pockets to establish a sylvoleum supply, and raids shipping related to his enemies, so that more and more merchants learn its in the interest to work with the New Sphere. (Raise Influence Success) .
New Mark
21st Fateska, just at the end of the Rat's watch [4am]. Borgo da Privavi sleeps soundly in his home when a group of thugs with a thick Rungli accent, lead by a lesser Paratornian noble serving the New Sphere, storm in. Borgo is never seen again and the house is on fire.The crackdowns in the province continue, with less frequency but more precision. When they do happen, they do however strike swiftly and with greater violence. In their wake, a wary and frightful silence follows. There is now widespread order and peace, but celebrations are few and muted. Trade is conducted with excessive honesty, and thus far from flourishing. You never know who You-know-who will come for next. At the end of the month, the Digeta Longa is firmly in control of the province, the last of those loyal to the Allesella family are gone at last (Raise influence Success).
The generally desolate plains of New Mark have been full of tents and camp wagons, lately. Some gaudy and bright, most drab and boring. Merchants are peddling their worthless trinkets, the odd marine soldier or noble strutting about taking offence at everything and nothing, agents skulking behind every tent flap, and a number of flustered revolutionaries running about handing out pamphlets and holding speeches. The clueless local populace, few as they are, waddle about in the midst of all this, gaping at all the sights. Nobody expects the Grummian inquisition, but in actuality, many are simply waiting for a dagger in their back, as their presence is an open secret. Lately, though, there have been whispers of a tepid, yet welcome wind blowing over New Mark. The prejudices and practices of yesteryear might yet rise up, and throw everyone back at least a hundred years. Goodness gracious! The not quite as good old days may still come again! Duke Trimelda has cast his greedy eyes on this province, and any and all who was a mere whiner yesterday, may suddenly see themselves as a speaker for the party line, tomorrow. Familiar repressiveness and social tyranny would seem like a relief, in these uncertain times. After all, a known evil is better than ten new horrors! (Raise Influence Success).
No news.
In Bretalva, everyone loves children! None more than jolly old Slave Master Dregh. He pushes his 330 pounds of conservative flesh around the markets, gathering them up by handing out sweets and promising to brand their parents as killjoys. The youngsters are quickly shackled and priced, any above 10 years old are handed a rusty knife and forcibly inducted into the Worker's Defence Force - an alternate name for the youth section of the local gladiatorial ring. Kids get to defend themselves against various wild creatures, and sometimes their own, recently branded parents. Since they didn't give their progeny up voluntarily, parents have obviously broken some law, so are routinely rounded up and sent into the games. Fun for the whole family! (Mobilize).
While the New Sphere maintains its control over Melse, powerful New Sphere Allies force out unfriendly contacts and allies from doing business in the community. These people have friends at court, but not even the most impressive prancing can stop the purge. Soon, every person loyal to Trimbolt Gomba has been ostracized or even arrested. (Attack Resource Success). 
New Sphere investments in Gaaz Ulul open doors that would otherwise remain closed to foreigners (Raise Influence Success).
What goes for nobility in rural Ardahals willingly subject themselves to slapping by perfumed 'kerchieks and ritual scarring by tip of a rapier, as Trimeldan nobles show them what's good in life. The ranks of duellants swell, to a not inconsiderable degree by assimilating a great number of half wild rangers and other outdwellers from the Abrolune Forest, showing up in droves with big, slow smiles on their broad faces as they happily mark an X on the contract to 'join the circus'. Ardahals: (Mobilize).
The Clairvoyant Peace orcs dedicate themselves to meditation and seeking out ways to dig deeper into the mysteries of the future, increasing their understanding of the mysteries of this world (mobilize),
Frimboline Plains
The merchant navy traded (mobilize),

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Sat 13 Jan 2018, 17:32
by Baldyr
I framtiden skulle jag uppskatta en podversion av sessionerna också. Det är sällan jag har tillfälle/ro att lyssna hemma, och video kräver nästan tillgång till wifi. Poddar kan jag däremot ladda ned till jobbtelefonen.

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Tue 16 Jan 2018, 14:00
by WanaxOdysseus
Hur gör man sånt? #nybörjaremedtechsomeintevethurmangörmengärnalärsig

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Tue 16 Jan 2018, 14:22
by WanaxOdysseus
Oh, and episode 10 is up.

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Wed 17 Jan 2018, 20:01
by Baldyr
Hur gör man sånt? #nybörjaremedtechsomeintevethurmangörmengärnalärsig
Bra fråga. Killarna bakom Rollspelsmåndag borde kunna svara på det. Nu streamar de visst sin video live men om jag förstått saken rätt så plockar de upp ljudspåret i efterhand och lägger upp.

Re: Sulphur Winter

Posted: Sun 28 Jan 2018, 14:31
by WanaxOdysseus
Nu har jag lärt mig hur jag gör om video-projektfilen till en MP3a! Nästa steg blir att uppgradera webbsidans konto så att filerna får plats...