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September 22nd approaches.

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 05:18

Wouldn't it be a nice surprise if Free League dropped something special ( a birthday present if you like ) in time for the 22nd?
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Re: September 22nd approaches.

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 15:14

Or maybe something on September 21st (the anniversary of the first publication of The Hobbit).
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Re: September 22nd approaches.

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 16:18

Something special on the 22nd would be awesome, as that is also my 20th wedding anniversary, It was only a happy coincidence that the 22nd fell on a Saturday that year, and the park we wanted was free. But still, both my wife and I make a big deal of getting married on Bilbo's Birthday.
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Re: September 22nd approaches.

Mon 06 Sep 2021, 21:03

Congratulations to you and your spouse.
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Re: September 22nd approaches.

Fri 10 Sep 2021, 23:44

Could the 'final' Rules pdf be available for September 22nd?

eh, precious, eh?

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