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Re: Specialities

Thu 02 Sep 2021, 05:01

Bear in mind that some specialties morphed into Cultural Virtues (Smoking specialty replaced by Breelander "Art of Smoking" cultural virtue) or Useful Items ("a fine pipe to find comfort").
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Re: Specialities

Thu 02 Sep 2021, 15:27

While I miss the "its the character that's cool, not the gear" aspect of Specialties, the new equipment rules really do cover the same territory. The thing I am more upset about is the cultural rewards. I don't particularly want magical items in my games (except for the one-off, special item, like Sting), so I will be working the Cultural Rewards back into the game in someway. Again, I prefer the idea of the character being the important piece. The magical item rules run perilously close to one of the major things I hate about D&D, in my opinion, but the more limited version from the Rivendell book in 1e did as well, so that is not a bad change, just the last of more mundane cool stuff to counter it. I feel the game it taking to heart to much of the MERP criticisms and not standing on its own successes enough. We'll see.
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Re: Specialities

Thu 23 Sep 2021, 21:09

I totally get where you're coming from with magic items. In Tolkien's works they were more myth than reality.

I like the wondrous items, which don't do anything "unnatural" but increase your chances of success. No rings of flying!

Even the weapons and armor mostly just increase success or severity. Again, nothing unnatural beyond being really effective. It could all be nothing as no more than confidence in oneself, and enhanced fear by reputation by adversaries. The most obviously magical thing was Sting glowing when orcs were near.

Middle Earth magic should be subtle.

I like the idea of magical powers being revealed as the PH's Valor increases. That necessitates more powerful, but fewer items. They don't need to be parceled out like prizes after each encounter. I will provide a few such items early in my campaign, then nothing more. It will be more likely that I may find lack of certain items holding PHs back, that I might add something to the treasure list.

Another advantage to gaining powers when gaining Valor is that those who get magic items will have to spend their Fellowship Phase discovering the next power, whereas others can focus on other things. Nobody gets something for nothing.

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