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Re: More Spellcasting Ability - New Advanced Race (Istari or Valar Kin) OR New Calling OR Virtues

Thu 09 Sep 2021, 05:59

Maybe its just my lack of ability to think of a magical trinket that actually fits into the world, but the majority of the options in the book seem overpowered. The weapons would probably work out ok if given out carefully and judiciously, but most things I can come up with for the wonderous items are cartoonishly out of place and make more sense in a D&D game. Maybe if I were to be able to see some well made examples it would change my mind, but right now all I can see are freakishly huge bonuses to skills. The Rewards system seemed to fit the themes of the world and were well balanced, where as this just seems to not be any of those things. But again, that could be me just missing the obvious.

I just don't feel like any everyday schmuck should even be approaching a member of the Fellowship in magical baubles. Like, that to me is the upper limit of magical junk that should be available in the late 3rd age, and that is a limit in the mathematical tradition, in which it can be approached but it should never be reached.
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