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Eye Awareness Musings

Tue 17 Aug 2021, 19:09

I've been considering the Eye Awareness rules and how I might use them (Never actually got around to using them in 1st Ed)

So I was trying to look at the Books for examples of Eye Awareness for companies (subjective opinion on power levels)

Here are the two main examples

The Fellowship leaving Rivendell: 4 Hobbits (+0), 1 Dwarf (+1), 1 Elf (+2), 1 Man (+1), 1 Dúnedain (+2) Valour or Wisdom over 4 (+4) 4 magic weapons/armour: Sting, Anduril, Mithril Shirt, The One Ring (+4)

Gandalf is an NPC
Total = 14

Thorin’s Company leaving Rivendell : 1 Hobbit (+0) 13 Dwarves (+13)
Valour or Wisdom over 4 (+0) 1 magic weapon: Orchrist (+1)

Gandalf is an NPC
Total = 14

Gandalf is cancelling his own modifier, (whatever that is) Although you could argue adding +2 for Glamdring and Narya to both examples
The One Ring is probably worth more than +1 (probably +3 at least)
I kept the Dwarves Valour/Wisdom low, you could argue that Thorin and perhaps Balin might qualify.

So the One Ring aside, the two companies are relatively equal in Eye Awareness (Although thinking about it Sauron has not declared himself yet in the Hobbit timeline so you wouldn't use these rules)

Imagine if Merry and Pippin had been replaced by Glorfindel and another Elf Lord - (+8 or more), I Think Elrond and Gandalf made a good decision there.

Am I missing anything?

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