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Scenario help needed

Fri 02 Apr 2021, 19:23

Hi all.
Long time player of 1st edition - have run through Tales of Wilderlands, Ruins of the North, Bree and Rohan. Was about to start on an Erebor campaign, but - you know - global pandemic. Anyhow, half my players are members of my family and we decided that we would have a day of rpg-ing on Sunday to break the lock-down-blues. Erk!
I was planning to run the only other published adventure, the Marsh Bell before the Erebor scenarios (somewhat re-ordered) when the group got back together. So, I could run that, but is there anything else? Once upon a time there were 1st ed forums that had fan-made scenarios. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally something in the Lake town region.
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Re: Scenario help needed

Fri 02 Apr 2021, 20:24

There's the adventure "Words of the Wise" if you can acquire the PDF; it never received a physical publication. But that is set in Wilderland west of Mirkwood.
• When: The company may undertake this quest at any
time, ideally in early spring.
• Where: The adventure begins near Rhosgobel, along
the western eaves of Southern Mirkwood.
• What: The characters are hunting with the Woodmen
of Rhosgobel when the hunting party is attacked by a
group of Orcs. The wizard Radagast fears that some
agency is organising the Orcs to raze Woodland Hall.
Radagast writes to the Elvenking of Woodland Realm,
and the players are asked to courier the letter.
• Why: The characters face an uncertain welcome in the
Elvenking’s halls, as Radagast’s letter is a plea for aid
– something King Thranduil is loathe to provide for
fear of weakening his own defenses.
• Who: The companions get to meet Radagast, and
then the Elvenking. The players’ handling of this last
encounter will determine the kind of aid they return to
Rhosgobel with.
Send me a PM with your email addee.
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Re: Scenario help needed

Fri 02 Apr 2021, 20:48

Cool thanks. Will PM you
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Re: Scenario help needed

Sat 03 Apr 2021, 14:07

Laughter of Dragons.

I have a shortish adventure set in the Bree area called Gauntlets of the Stewards you can find in #homebrew-adventures in the TOR/AiME discord.
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Re: Scenario help needed

Mon 05 Apr 2021, 22:29

For Dale (not exactly Lake-town), I always recommend "The Black Arrow", by David "agnot" Cole. You'll find it in the magazine Other Minds #19 (

For Lake-town exactly, I humbly recommend my own adventure "First Seed of a Great Forest", published in the magazine Other Minds #17 ( ... -published)
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Re: Scenario help needed

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 07:01

I have two adventures that originate from Lake-town: King on Top of the Mountain and The Bats Are Missing, and one adventure about a lost heirloom of Erebor called The Pearl of Kings. You can find them on my blog site here ... -ring.html. Leave me some feedback if you take a look at them. Thanks!
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Re: Scenario help needed

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 17:15

Hi all.
Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. In the end I went with Marsh Bell. Having read through a bunch of suggestions I decided that I needed to rethink my big plan and swap out Marsh Bell as the start of the Erebor campaign and use one of your suggested scenarios instead - as they are much more meaty and involved. This then freed up Marsh Bell for our family gaming day. Which went down very well, much fun was had by all - Posy Took (a slightly over enthusiastic gardener with wander-lust), Fundin (the one eyed, Blue Mountain combat-librarian with his travelling library on his goat called Shelf) and Odvine (kick ass axe nutter from Mountain Hall) saved the day. Although they were somewhat bemused as to why a) two powerful dwarves were trying to cross Mirkwood alone and b) why the best that the might of the dwarves could muster to go find their lost brethren was a trio of no-hopers from far-far-away. But that small suspension of disbelief aside it was a good way to ease ourselves back into the game. We were reminded of the lethality of combat (we spent a while playing DnD before the pandemic) and from my perspective that the travel rules never quite cut the mustard.

So what to drop into the start of the Erebor scenarios? Plan is to start with Dark Waters and then slot in something else starting in Lake Town. I liked the Black Arrow - although I will need to rework it as it overlaps with other things in Laughter of Dragons too much. It is also, maybe too similar to "Dungeons Deep" - a MacGuffin hunt in the Wastes. But the players would get a kick out of being involved in the hunt for the Black Arrow.

I have plenty of time though to sort this out (sigh...) and will give all your suggestions a read. Thanks again.

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