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Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Thu 08 Apr 2021, 14:00

Narvi v8.0.0 is now released, featuring multiple language support. Right now Narvi speaks English and Portuguese, and I have translators working on Spanish, Italian, French, and German. (If your language is not on that list, let me know if you'd like to volunteer to do some translation!) Add Narvi to your Discord here and see the full documentation while you're there:

What is Narvi? It's a verified Discord bot that adds TOR dice rolls, character sheets, initiative, skill/test/attack rolls, tracking of hope/endurance/etc., journey roles, and much more. Discord's text/voice chat, Narvi, and posting pictures and maps, make a complete suite of tools to run The One Ring quickly and efficiently. Add it free to your server, make as many games as you like, and let me know what you'd like added to it!

Try Narvi out and get support for it at the TOR/AiME Discord at

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