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PDF slowness?

Wed 15 Sep 2021, 03:52

Anyone else have issue with the released PDFs taking a long time to render? I will get a lot blank pages as I wait page for content to load....paging through the pdf is worse I get blank page after blank page until I stop and let it catch up. It only seems to the Twilight 2000 pdfs. I can load up "Things from the flood" and page right through it without waiting or blank pages.
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Re: PDF slowness?

Wed 15 Sep 2021, 06:02

Yes. I think it's just because they are very image-heavy. I get different performance in different PDF readers.
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Re: PDF slowness?

Wed 15 Sep 2021, 08:16

It would be nice to have a "printer-friendly" version of the pdf without the background images.

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