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Officer starting Gear U.S.

Sun 15 Aug 2021, 16:59

When going thru the starting equipment of the Officer life path one of the option is an SMG of your nationality but the U,S, does not have an smg on their list, or did i miss something?
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Re: Officer starting Gear U.S.

Sun 15 Aug 2021, 17:21

There was one in the alpha rules (H&K MP5), but it was removed (maybe because of copyright issues; edit: I don't know why, but I have seen this mention here and there and in the world we have today that could very well be the case).

Use the Swedish SMG instead or any of the ones listed under Other Military Weapons.
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Re: Officer starting Gear U.S.

Sun 15 Aug 2021, 20:25

The European definition of SMG often includes what the American definition calls carbines. This definition was operative in 1e and 2e, with M231s and M177s, G11s, and "Krinks" classed as SMGs. As to the specific implementation in 4e, the old words with new classifications seem to be in use.

Officers, in general, should have their starting gear listed as branch gear plus pistol, pistol ammo, and radio or NVDs.
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Re: Officer starting Gear U.S.

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 05:54

The US had several different SMGs in use in the 1990's...

The only "general issue" SMG was the SMG variant of the M16, the XM177 aka GAU-5/A. Standard 5.56 Nato, short barrel. The actual internals are the same as the M16. So, it probably looks stats wise like the M4 Carbine.

All the others were pretty limited use, mostly by special operations units. This included some surviving Thompson M1A1's (.45ACP), Uzis (9mmP), Mac-10, XM177, M3A1 "Grease Gun", captured machine pistols... but those were almost all for Green Berets, Seals, & Delta Force. Unusal units with unusual training and access to unusual weapons for doing unusual things...

It's been rumored the USAF special ops guys may have had the option of the FN P-90, as well; this may be due to the use of the P-90 in the TV series Stargate SG-1... Even if they did, its ammo (5.7×28mm NATO) is unusual.
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Re: Officer starting Gear U.S.

Sat 21 Aug 2021, 00:46

Grease guns were still the general issue SMG for tank (M551/M60/M1) and armored recovery (M88) crews in the '90s. (Presumably, LAV-75 or M8 units would not receive them.) My squadron didn't divest them until after we redeployed from Bosnia in '97. The XM177 series was never a general issue item (and is only a submachine gun due to military designations that lack the common pistol ammo specification). I had an M4 as early as '98 as a battalion scout at Fort Riley. Somewhat low on the priority for issue, but also not a submachine gun by any designation. (Note: the XM177's shorter barrel affects reilaibility as the bullet has less dwell time in the barrel after is passes the gas block; this may justify lower base reliability than M4.)

That said, Uzis/MP2s may be available as battlefield pickups. They were built under license by FNH and were used by several European militaries, including the Bundeswehr. My colleagues believe it is the source of the MP7 form factor, the gun that replaced it.
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Re: Officer starting Gear U.S.

Thu 02 Sep 2021, 13:14

Personally I think US officers should take a basic carbine like an M4. Carrying anything out of the ordinary would make them stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of snipers.

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