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T-64 stats

Thu 24 Jun 2021, 12:05

Suggested changes to 4th edition T-64

To simplify things there are two variants of T-64 by the mid 1990s - T-64A which includes rebuilt T-64 and the T-64B. They have very similar game stats in any case.

It was the first service tank with 'special' armour, although only the frontal aspect.

Turret front is 410mm against APFSDS and 500mm against HEAT, so 11 with a -1 vs HEAT?
Hull front is 410mm against APFSDS and 450mm against HEAT

Some of the T-61B were fitted with ERA and slightly improved base armour
Turret front is 520mm against APFSDS and 950mm against HEAT, so 11, -1 for special armour and -2 for ERA or -3 total
Hull front is 530mm against APFSDS and 900mm against HEAT

The NSV machine gun is mounted above the commanders hatch. 300 rounds are carried. It can aimed and fired from under cover. However it must be reloaded from outside.

The coaxial 7.62mm has 2000 rounds on the T-64A (8 belts) and 1250 rounds with the T-64B (5 belts)

Page 110 of the Referees Manual tops out as 12 which is 750 firth edition. or 600mm vs 4th edition. It probably warrants a 13 = 800mm and 14=1000mm

Hull side is said to 85mm. The T-64 is a light weight tanks so the side and rear armour would the same as the T-62.

Front armour 11, -1 vs HEAT (can carry -2 ERA vs HEAT)
SIde 7
Rear 6

Speed is 60 kph or 6000 hexes an hour or 100 hexes a minute. As a round is 5 to 10 seconds movement is 8 to 10 hexes. Game stats are 5/4 move, so looks like the conversion is 1/2 real world values although v2,2 had a drive action for twice the speed?

The innovation and problem was the T-64 engine. It is multi-fuel and can be used with diesel, kerosene or gasoline. Relaiability problems were fixed by the mid 1990s.

Wikipedia gives 740 liters internal fuel, 140 liters in external tanks plus two 200 liters drums or 1080 total.

T-64A is 550 km with this fuel or fuel consumption or roughly 20 in game terms.
T-64B is given as 500 km or 22 for the game.

The problem with the T-64 and T-80 series is the autoloader. With T-64A and T-64B have 28 rounds on the autoloader. The T-64A carries another 9 rounds, the T-64B a further 8 rounds clipped around the hull and turret. The autoloader design offers no protection to the rounds. SO upon a penetration its more likely an ammunition detonation will pop the turret. The T-72 has the same problem, but at least its 22 rounds (different design) have protection.

The 125mm has five types of ammunition

HE rounds are all the same in game terms.

Penetration is 450-550mm, so 11 is as per the game stats.

Early rounds were 10, -1
In 1976 this improves to 400mm, of 11, -1.
Inn the 1990s improved rounds enters service of 12,-1

So in game terms most APFSDS is as the game at 11,-1. There are some 12,-1 rounds although would be very rare.

3Sh7 Flechette

Anti-tank Missiles by T-64B only.
9M112 Kobra [AT-8 Songster]. Range is 100 - 4000 meters. Penetration is 600mm to 12

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