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T-62 game stats - from a certain point of view

Wed 23 Jun 2021, 13:29

This is some suggested game stats changes for the Russian T-62.

Players Manual, pg 113
The T-62 115mm cannon was the first in world with APFSDS rounds. It never had a APDS round.
1) Replace 115mm APDS with APFSDS
2) Armor goes from 0 to -1

Players Manual, page 120 and page 122

Fuel capacity is 675 litres internal, 285 litres external tanks plus the option of two 200 L fuel drums on the back (dropped before combat, so when can ignore these).
So total standard fuel is 960 litres for 450km on roads or 320 km off road
960 liters divided by 45 hexes on road is 21.3 fuel consumption.

With external tanks the values are 1360 litres for 650 km road or 450 km off road.
1360 divided by 65 hexes is 20.9

So 21 looks like a good fuel consumption in game terms. With the reduced fuel in Twilight 2000 world and the risk of the external fuel fuels a good case could be made for just the 675 litres.

In real world terms the T-62 was still in service in the mid 1990s and many were in war reserve or exported. However the sole Warsaw Pact user was Bulgaria. The improved T-55 was enough for Poland and other Warsaw Pact countries.

The baseline T-62 was still in service, although it had a number of improvements.

The T-62M was also in service with improved armor, some used the AT-10/9M117 anti-tank missile.

I'm at a. loss for the game ratings of tanks in Twilight 2000. T-62 gets
Front 7 or 50mm from page 110 of the Referees Manual
Side 6 or 30mm from page 110 of the Referees Manual
Rear 5 or 20mm from page 110 of the Referees Manual

Real world values are

100mm @ 60 degrees for the upper glacis which is 200mm or 10 in game terms
100mm @ 55 degrees for the lower glacis or 174 mm or 9 in game terms
230mm for the turret front or 10 in game terms

80mm upper hull or 7
55mm in lower hull (behind road wheels) or 7

Turret rear is 60mm or 7
Hull rear is 20mm lower and 45mm upper which is 6 or 7

This suggests
Front 10 (T-62M +1 HEAT)
Side 7
Rear 6

The T-62M adds additional armor on the front only, increased to 330mm vs APFSDS and 400-450mm vs HEAT. In game terms that's still 10, with a +1 vs HEAT rounds

Back to the 115mm gun:
40 115mm rounds are carried which is. a dream by Twilight 2000
Loadouts vary, one standard is 14 APFSDS, 20 HE and 6 HEAT. In the 1960s is was 12 APFSDS, 22 HE and 6 HEAT. Later it was 16 APFSDS, 16 HE and 8 HEAT

APFSDS rounds were
3BM3, 1961, tungsten rounds with steel tip, 300mm @ 1000 meters, 270mm @ 2000 meters
3BM4, 1961, steel. The Soviets usually usually had a cheaper round both for war time mobilisation and for export. 250mm @ 1000 meters, 220mm @ 2000 meters
3BM6, 1964-66, Basically an improved 3BM4. 280mm @ 1000 meters, 240mm @ 2000 meters
3BM21, 1975-76, tungsten penetrator. 360mm @ 1000 meters, 330mm @ 2000 meters
3BM28, first depleted uranium round. 380mm @ 2000 meters
3BM36, depleted uranium round. This was the last APFSDS round developed, entering service in 1988. 450mm at 2000 meters is claimed.

HEAT rounds are 495mm. Later rounds were 520mm.

HE rounds used improved explosives types, but all are the same in game terms.

One variant of the T-62M can launch ATGM through the 115mm cannon and carry 4 or 5 ATGM. This was the 9M117 , penetration was 550mm which would be xxxxxx

The DShK 12.7mm is above the loaders hatch, so should rarely be used on combat as they are reloading the 115mm cannon. Standard is 300 12.7mm rounds. Thats broken up into six 50 round boxes

The 7.62mm PKT has 2500 rounds which is ten 250 rounds belts.

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