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Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 13:55

Hi all - I'm not even convinced the default skill list is not "fine" - but I was tweaking a few things and wanted to share and hear thoughts.

  • I feel that 12 skills is not enough and that specialities for non-combat skills are not as important vs for combat skills - due to the numerous negative penalties in combat
  • I also think that a few skills cross over too much territory - e.g. my 3 term mechanic has Tech A and is pretty good at science and chemistry by default
  • Therefore the question on my mind is, how could I tweak a few skills, move around a few specialities, and put a few new specialities in to make the game "more to my liking"
  • This would then require a few changes in character life paths, a new line in a character sheet, a few tweaks to rules here and there, but I would aim to make the number of changes pretty small

I have summarised my changes in this picture. Items in Green are new and items in Blue have been moved.

What do you think? I'm not out to change anything drastically but to spread a few things and see how it feels.

[edit] - haha - tweaker .... oops

Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 19.38.46.png
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Re: Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 14:37

Wouldn't "Mobility -> Mountaineer" cover skying?
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Re: Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 15:39

Hmmmm - not as per the way the rules are written BUT it would make sense - so - good idea
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Re: Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 22:43

I came up with a similar chart of four skills per attribute, but have not yet filled in specializations. Skills might be modified as follows:
  • Heavy Weapons is realigned from STR to AGL: I get the idea, why sometimes STR should be the governing attribute, but in general it is not. Firing a machine-gun from the hip might be such a case, but having a RPG-7 sitting on your shoulder, does not make aiming it easier, if you are a bodybuilder, but have clumsy hands. Most of the time, heavy weapons will be supported by a mount, bipod etc.
  • Close Combat is split into Unarmed Combat and Armed Melee, both aligned to STR.
  • INT is aligned with a new skill named Scientist, eliminating the such named specialty for Tech (INT).
  • Scientist has the following specialties: Natural Sciences, Life Sciences (including medical knowledge), Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. I think, that's enough and I totally like the idea of the original post to name this skill Education.
  • EMP is aligned with a new skill named Artist, including specialties such as Musician (removed from Persuasian) and Poetry, Singing (including voice imitation), Drama (including disguising).
I like the idea of the original post, but I do not think that a STR-based skill "Construct" would be a good fit in such an abstract system. Most of the time, construction work, blacksmithing and mechanical work is and should not be STR-based. People are good in these trades, if and when they know what they are doing. Knowledge trumps muscle mass and experience.
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Re: Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 23:56

Aw damn, I thought we were gonna get a lot of meth-related skills!

The problem that you run into always with this sort of thing with trying to keep the skills balanced out to their parent attributes is that a lot of it just makes no sense. There's already been debate about Medical Aid under Empathy, for instance. I'm relatively okay with that. But now all the stuff you've added under Evasion I'd argue could much more so belong under Intelligence.

My "solution" is that I don't really care if the skills aren't perfectly balanced between attributes. They aren't perfectly balanced anyway; Empathy does unique things in the system, Strength does unique things in the system, etc.
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Re: Wanting to hear some thoughts - tweaker skills

Sat 05 Jun 2021, 05:20

Unfortunately no tweaker archetype - just fat fingers.

Good point that Heavy Weapons, practically speaking, is actual AGL or INT and very rarely STR except for launchers I guess as written - hence I am leaning toward “trying to balance” as not even a good goal as suggested here and in earlier posts too.

My thinking around Construct (and yes, it doesn’t exactly feel right to me either) is to split some of the heavier tech things from tech. I agree that INT etc could very well be governing for the trade skills but some of these things might need physical strength to do well (e.g. blacksmithing) and hence I kind of forced it there. The idea also was to split base building is to pull all the STAMINA tests (builder) to an actual skill to do with building - Construct. I’m not sold on it though - which means I could easily shift it back into Tech and put builder back under Stamina.

On the armed combat / unarmed split - I do like the idea, especially because I wanted to include some extra specialities like Wrestler (bonus for grappling and perhaps disarms), Fencing (maybe a special rule around blocking, e.g. a free block), and potentially separate weapon types into different specialities without making it too complicated (which I doubt is worth it).

SOCIALISE I wanted to split “getting people to do stuff for you” from “hanging out and getting rumours / fitting in” - mostly because I’m an old-school WFRP player and I like the Gossip skill. Plus this them would play into the Rumour system nicely and would make a player who specialises in this area feel pretty good and useful.

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