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Typo Found - Player's Manual page 81 - Radiation

Posted: Fri 04 Jun 2021, 04:11
by CherryC0p
The Diseases chart (Page 81) still refers to the Radiation Sickness sickness chart on the previous page (Listed as 80). This is now incorrect, as the charts are both on page 81 now, right next to each other.

EDIT: Finding a bunch of clarity errors in this section the more i look over it:

Pg 81: Protective gear should state "Whenever you would gain a rad..." the current phrasing and order of the sections clashes with Radiation poisoning rules, and as it seems like you gain a rad, roll for the infection, then see if the gear prevents the rad?

Also on Pg 81: Decontamination should state "you wash your body in clean water, half of your Temporary rads..." Unless we can get rid of permanent rads in this way? The last sentence in that section also is a bit confusing. "Once"... Forever? Once per hotspot? Please go over this section before printing, as its probably the least developed and most confusing to read through.