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PvP or Competitive/Organized Play

Wed 28 Apr 2021, 20:40

I've had an idea in the back of my head of small squad PvP, like 5v5. Maybe with 2 Referees, one per group like D&D does with its Adventurer's League Epics. I'd love to get some feedback.

T2K has interesting and structured enough combat to feel like it could work in a PVP setting with either 1 Referee per squad or 1 per table to help with any rules or conflicts. Initiative already goes from 1-10, so a 5v5 TDM, or small objective based scenarios might be doable. The maps are large enough for 10 players to maneuver on in small scale skirmishes.

While discussing this in the T2K Discord, some players mentioned that there are other wargames that do similar things but they are either too large scale (Advanced Squad Leader), too few players (ASL, Corvus Belli, Spectre Operations), or too futuristic (CB again) or in the Hero/Class based combat (Mercs). Most of these are also Miniatures games, not RPGs.

Using Archetypes would probably be the most balanced way to do characters for a PVP setting, with some modifications; like all rolls for reloads/grenades are either average or max so there's no randomness.
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