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What About Other Nationalities?

Tue 20 Apr 2021, 22:57

I was kind of hoping the Beta would expand the list of nations available beyond the US, Soviet, Sweden and Poland civilians and military forces as previous editions did. Although a lot of the previous editions entries were wrong or totally out to lunch I feel all the key players were included. .I am wondering if Free League can ass the omission of British, Canadian ,German military and other westerm allies on the NATO side of the house as well as Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary and others on the Warsaw Pact side as well?
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 00:22

We have the UK and French situations in the manuals and in the World at War section, Israel and Syria is discussed. Remember too that the Warsaw Pact is defunct by the time the war starts between NATO and the USSR. I think they intend to explore some of these topics in future expansions if the game does well. But as of now, there's nothing stopping you from having characters from other countries!
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 09:00

Yeah, if I haven't completely misread some parts, the Warsaw Pact has dissolved and it's russia (soviet union) against NATO and anyone in their way mostly. I think they didn't bother to add in other nationalities as it would either require a lot of thought and background in order to flesh those areas out (and they're stretched for time as it is) or would simply consist of throwing in a paragraph or two for each option which would be functionally identical as the available ones and add nothing of substance.
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 09:44

As stated in the Kickstarter post, we understand the wish for more nationalities, more vehicles, more weapons, etc. However, it's not possible to expand the base game any more - I think you will understand why when you have the physical game box in your hands. :) Adding more nationalities is quite straightforward, as the liftepath system does not differentiate much between nationalities anyway. Also, more information about other nations will be included in upcoming expansions, and we also hope to see a lot of it in community content in the Free League Workshop.
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 12:57

You seem to have forgotten one allied NATO partner (and founding member), wich share a border both with Sweden, and the Soviet Union, namely Norway.
It seems strange and unrealistic that the US would not use Norway as a staging and resupply area for a war in Sweden.
It seems strange and unrealistic that Norway would not serve as a staging area for a British enty into the fray. And also that Norwegian soldiers would not be a part of a NATO effort in Sweden. And also, seeing as the bulk of the Norwegian forces would be placed in the northernmost part of that country, where they shared a border with the Soviet Union, I miss some description of what would happen there. An invasion by Soviet forces into northern Norway, to secure the strategically important Norwegian atlantic coast, and the NATO military assets (especially naval) and airports there seems inevitable.
So an independent Sapmi full of armed lapps, in an area bound to be full of either Norwegian (with support from the USMC and British royal marines, which have units ear-marked for this) , or soviet forces, seems unlikely.
Also, this seem especially out of order since you specifically state that your focus is on Northern Europe, and since this is the neighbouring country wich shares the longest border with one of your main areas of play.
A campaign in the "going home" category, where you play as Americans in Sweden would almost always have to include Norway for instance.
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 13:24

I think its fairly easy to extrapolate given the info we now have. I find the whole situation leading up to 2000 more plausible. Good job FL!
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Re: What About Other Nationalities?

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 13:41

I think there will be a lot of write-ups on Free League Workshop when it is released and also there are upcoming modules for this, they have mentioned three, but there is most likely more after that. Those modules could easily have extra weapons, vehicles and backstory.
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