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CUF for NPCs

Sat 19 Dec 2020, 19:49


For the standard NPC cannon fodder, there is no stat provided to CUF rolls to resist suppression. Yes, if they are hit but that hit does not proc a crit they are auto suppressed. But if they are resisting the suppression, nothing is stated in the stat block.. so until further notice, I am going to be mimicking the archetypes CUF numbers.. B for Spec Ops, C for Officers, Grunts and gunners... D for anything else.
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Re: CUF for NPCs

Sun 20 Dec 2020, 16:48

Sounds good - that's what I would do as well. Veteran units would rate one higher (grunts at C, officers at B ....)
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Re: CUF for NPCs

Mon 21 Dec 2020, 04:03

Yup, same. I give B to most VDV for instance, and C to some marauders who I'd call "veterans."
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Re: CUF for NPCs

Tue 22 Dec 2020, 00:11

Keep in mind: Rules as written, every lifepath-generated PV2 and 1LT has CUF C, every PFC and Capt has B, every NCO and Majoror higher officer has A.
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Re: CUF for NPCs

Tue 22 Dec 2020, 02:59

Well, not quite. A SOF character could earn enough promotions to get promoted to lieutenant. ;)

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